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Just Saying

Just Saying

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I am a Poem, by H.A.C.

I am a Poem, silly and short
just like my writer’s life.

I am the Ink of tears,
clotting in his eyes.

I am the pain he weeps,
I am the night he sleeps.

I know he hates me,
reason, I am telling this to you.

I know he will kill me after few words,
I know I will die just like caged birds.

Yet, I will stick with the truth.
I will cry out loud…

The state of my writer…
The state of my broken fighter…

He is alone, He wants a heart…
He had many, but he got hurt…

He won’t say it, he won’t even write it
Even if he writes, he will lite it

Here he came, to kill me too.
I had more to tell, whatever I know.

Pen won against the words.
I died, the poem unheard.

-Himanshu Appie Chhabra


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