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Just Saying

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

You're my love, not life! - Chapter 2

Music out of the speakers was making me groove. Green light beams, the disco ball hung above and the floor lights were dancing with the music. I left my orange juice and got mixed into the crowd dancing on the ‘Eminem’ track remixed by some new beats added by the DJ. My shoulders started moving with the beats and soon I was lost in the music just like the rest. After four tracks, the beats turned slower and DJ played some soft tracks, obviously for all the couples (there were many). In no time, all the singles got shattered and left the love birds hands-in-hands.

“Jaane na kaha wo duniya hai…” allured the disc. with that divining feeling of love. This made me realize that I was still single and the reason behind being single too. For me, it wasn’t the lack of opportunity but I never allowed anyone to enter my life just because I never wanted to give anyone the right to hurt me or to shatter me completely. I was happy with my bounded yet happy life. I had too many reasons what made these thoughts. I kept them within me and smiled.

My cloud of thoughts was broken by the change of track and I found that unknown stranger ‘Kartik’ walking towards me. He was scrolling in his smartphone. He seemed to be a rich guy. An Iphone in his hand, followed by a heavy gold chain in his wrist. He was wearing a tightly fitted black shirt displaying his muscles like a showcase and blue denim matching with the canvas woodland shoes.

And then I looked in his eyes. For the first time, I noticed his blue eyes. I found them appealing and deep. I was done with the checking-him-out procedure and maybe he was done with his work on cell phone too. He looked upward and our eyes met. I tried looking somewhere else but we both knew that I was looking at him.

“So, Miss Aditi is single…” He said in his I-am-charming voice.

“Is it written on my face?” I asked pretending to be annoyed with his too friendly behavior.

“I didn’t find you dancing arms in arms with your lover. So, it is quite obvious that you are single,” He explained and gestured the waiter to bring drinks.

“Dude! Don’t be so over-confident. What if my lover couldn’t afford to attend the party?” I replied bang on, trying to make him lose his confidence. But, there wasn’t any change in his expression.

He looked for the waiter, then looked at me and said “Then he don’t deserve to be your boyfriend. Because, If I had such a beautiful girl in my life, I would have surely left all my work just to stand beside you or to have a memory of dancing with you,” He completed looking straightly into my eyes.

“Woah! What? He just called me beautiful.” I thought. It made me blush. `A Compliment is a compliment; it doesn’t matter if it is given by a stranger (Good looking stranger)’

I controlled myself and replied curtly “Are you a writer? Because this line would suit perfectly to some romantic fiction book,”

“Well, I tried writing once but then realized even that silly Twinkle-Twinkle little star is a better piece of writing as compared to my hardship,” He said and pushed up the glass of cocktail served by the waiter just now.

I laughed at what he just said and thought of doing some show-off “By the way, I am a writer.” I said with the feeling of proud.

For the first time I was able to hit down his charming expressions from his face. “Seriously? And what you write?” He asked curiously.

“I have a blog with the name ‘Aditi speaks’” I was feeling excited as finally I was putting his attitude down.

“I have read this name somewhere. Oh, you are that Aditi. I saw coverage of your blog in the newspaper. Umm… maybe a week ago,”

“So, you read newspaper. Not Bad… 10 days ago, it was titled amongst India’s top fiction blogs.”

The chat continued. He asked for the link of my blog. I provided him. In no time he opened it in his cell phone’s browser and read out the titles of the articles. He then looked upward and said just one words “Nice”. Damn! I was expecting more.

Later, we talked about his hobbies, my hobbies, a bit about Sneha followed with a chain of topics. I found him nice and I was definitely a nice person to talk with. He was no more a stranger. In few hours we were friends.

He followed my Blog… Sent a friend request on Facebook… I accepted.

“That must be the animal kingdom in your stomach moment na?” Zinath pulled my thoughts back. I nodded in affirmation.

Yes, it was an animal kingdom in stomach moment for me. I had always been head strong, I knew my bounds and never wished to out pass them. There were deep secrets lying safe inside my heart which I never wanted anyone to know but somewhere, I wanted my heart to go candid in front of Kartik.

Ironically, we never knew that we studied in the same college until the day we met at Sneha’s birthday. He was a year senior to me, in the last year of Architecture. Since we became friends, we would wait for each other’s lectures to get over so that we can spend few extra moments together. I had a lot many guy friends but no one made me feel as comfortable as Kartik did.

He began revealing his secrets. He was the son of once upon a time rich business man who had just turned insolvent few weeks ago. The carefree nature he carried with himself did not reveal the fact that he was a poor guy now. He stayed in Mumbai at his US based uncle’s apartment while his family flew back to Punjab from where they actually belonged. They made attempts to get back the position they once had, they worked hard but not Kartik. It just did not matter him. And the conclusion I took out was, this was an irresponsible guy and I have to put his acts together.

Few months flew by and we made a wonderful gang, Sneha, me and Kartik. I could not ask for more happiness in my gloomy life. One fine night, my cell phone buzzed for a call, it was Kartik.

“Yes Kartik,” I said.

“Come at my place right now. I want to show you something very important and confidential.” He whispered softly and disconnected the call. And the curiosity inside me forced me to cross the den of lion (read mom's room) and reach the exit of my flat, in pajamas, at midnight. 

-Dhristy Dasgupta (Blogger at Maple Leaf

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