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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Book Review: 5 Shades of Love by Lakshmikant Shukl

 Next Book on my Shelf for Review is ‘5 Shades of Love’; Yes, another Book on ‘Love’. There is nothing unique in the title of the book as I have read many books with the similar titles.Author Lakshmikant Shukl did his debut in English Literature with this 315 pages long book. He has written many books in ‘Hindi’. He is also an associate member of FILM WRITER ASSOCIATION.

Coming back to the book, Book talks about a Kanpur guy ‘Lakshay Shukl’ ,an aspiring writer. Story moves as he takes admission in ‘B Ed.’ at some college of Agra. First few pages bore you with the whole Admission stuff. Then, ‘Megha’ arrives. They interact for the first time at the college camp and the book gains another Nobel Prize to ‘bore’ audience. It turns out to be a Just-another-college-love-story. 

Love and friendship finds their way in the new college for Lakshay Shukl. He reminded me of the days when we used to sit together and used to scan girls around. This was the only nostalgic part for me. Leaving it behind story focuses back to ‘Megha’

Facebook turns out to be the savior of their love story. They keep on talking on Facebook. Then they exchange numbers. First date. First Kiss. Love Peaked. Fell Down. Break-up. Author narrated the Facebook conversation part pathetically. I didn’t like the concept of stuffing the long conversations on every second page of the book.
And, more to it were the Hindi poems. Excessive use of Hindi made it a ‘Hinglish’ novel. I know that the author has written many Hindi novels but this combination hasn’t amused me much. Either write completely in English or go for another Hindi book.
Still, There was a certain ‘Truthiness’ and ‘Innocence’ in Lakshay’s feelings throughout the book.

Characterization: Author tried to characterize and somewhere he succeeded, but then Poor English knowledge ruined everything.
I didn’t like the writing skills of the Author. He literally killed the emotions with his poor English and wrong usage of synonyms. Author needs to work on attaining the art of proper sentence formation. He needs to learn antonyms, synonyms… all n all a complete English course needed.

Editing: The Book is published under ‘Parlance Publications’, a new bee in the publishing industry. I found 7 mistakes in first page. Parlance needs either to pay their editors or to change them (Hire me. Laughs.), because they aren't doing their job. This book contains zillions of error. Pull up your socks guys, else this Publications will become a forgotten history. 

If you can ignore grammatical errors, are heartbroken, and want to read a story flooded with emotions. Then go for it. If you want to read literature then this is just not for you.
I will give it 1.50 out of 5.

- Review by Team Purple Pen
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