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Just Saying

Just Saying

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Down the way....

Down the way, walking through an empty lane,
Looking all around, I realised the Earth’s in pain.
As I moved further down, I heard a painful cry,
It tore my heart apart; of this I wouldn’t lie.

I searched all the way, but alas! It was in vain,
It then started getting dark and it was about to rain.
So, I was compelled to take shelter under a dead tree,
And you must be wondering why I chose a dead tree?

Because in that lane and many others on the Earth,
No tree was left alive, No sapling taking birth.
In no time, I realised it was the tree crying,
I turned towards it and hoped I wasn’t prying!

“Oh! Dear Tree, why are you sad and shedding tears?”
“Because I am dying and nobody cares.”
I wasn’t expecting a reply but still continued with it.
“No, don’t sound so hurt.” I assured I will hear it.

So, the tree began narrating me its whole tragic story,
And I sat on its dried branches to hear its glory.
“Once upon a time, I was thick and green and a living creature,
I was selfless and an important part of a flawless nature.

Brooks, rivers, and the seas added to the scenery,
Mountains and valleys created an atmosphere of tranquillity.
For many million years, we continued to make the Earth stunning,
We served the human race in every manner without whining.

But soon all men turned into some hungry devil,
They murdered me and kept getting more and more evil.
I shouted and it stormed, I showed my wrath,
I cried and it rained, I was nearing my death.

Today the Earth that used to be ‘green’ has become all black,
Plumes of smoke, CFCs, garbage and plastic lay on its deck.”
Hearing of the slain; in a disturbed tone I asked the sad tree,
“Dear tree, thou seem to be heartbroken, who brought this plight to thee?”

The tree then fumed at me and gave me a stern glance,
“The human race is to be blamed for killing me with a lance.
Shade, wood, fruits, water, and air; to make him feel comfortable,
I gave everything I could; in return it made my life a sad fable.

The men will be punished for this slaughter,
Now sorrow will prevail, no place for laughter.
In their mad race, they contaminated their environment,
Am dying but am sure the whole human race will lament.”

I had teary eyes as with this the tree breathed its last,
I sat there for long and watched it mixing with the past.
Glancing at the corpse I hoped and prayed for a better tomorrow,
Planting trees and nurturing them can save us from the sorrow.

That encounter with the dying tree made me realise,
We need to wake up from our prolonged sleep and open our eyes.
It’s us, who created a hell out of heaven on the Earth,
And therefore only we can once again give it a ‘New Birth’!


  1. Its never too late to start caring for the environment... lets start our part now :)

    1. Yes Tanuja...we must start now :) :)

  2. A single thought matters. Bless you dear :)

    1. Thank u Manasi..I have started my small role..Hope everyone does :)

  3. nicely written.

  4. Brilliant write-up...only a noble soul and pure heart can think like that...

    1. Thank you so really means a lot :)


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