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Just Saying

Friday, 27 September 2013

An Interview with a Rape Victim

Adult content below: You don’t need to be 18+ to read it. You need to be Mature.

In Conversation with: A Rape Victim

I: Who are you?

Victim: Who am I? Huh? A rape victim; nothing else. I don't have a proper name. I don't have a proper identity or age. I am a 3-year-old child or an old woman of 86 years. A rape victim is just a rape victim, as if age really matters for the rapists. Rapists like Variety.

I: How many were they?

Victim: Just Four, excluding my own brother and including him; five.

I: Why you added 'just' before four?

Victim: Because, there are many more. Eve Teasers, followers, or may be your own relatives. Wear a short dress and go out in public, you will find many hungry eyes on you. They are hungry and drooling for vagina.

May be after this interview, even you would be going home and will be looking at girls with your naked eyes and desires, making them feel as if they are walking nude or they are some sort of dinner for you.

I: Trust me, I won't do that.

Victim: How can I trust you? When, my best friends and my own brother raped me. My own brother, I tie him Rakhi every year and expect him to save me. I didn't know that he saved me for himself.

I: Your own brother raped you.

Victim: No, he didn't. Huh? How can he rape his own sister? I am his younger sister. We are together from my birth. We played together, we cried together. He wiped my tears, he gave me strength, we went school together, and now, we just slept together. It isn't his fault really, I mean I was wearing a short dress and he was all drunk with his friends when they came back home late at night. Alcohol raped me.

I: Whom do you blame?

Victim: My mom, I blame my existence. Why I was born? Moreover, I blame the mentality, nothing else.

I: What can we do to end this hunger?

Victim: Feed them every day with a new virgin girl so that they can survive and become big monsters or Hang them until they die.

I: Killing them isn't a solution.
Victim: Can you give me a better solution?

I: Umm... I will find one.
Victim: Huh? May be after your sister gets raped. You will be the first one to pull out a gun and shoot those motherfuckers. Alternatively, god knows you rape your own sister.

I: Excuse me? It is a public interview. Please don't abuse...

Victim: Oh great, the public can rape you and you can't even abuse in front of them.

I: Do you think of any other solution regarding it.

Victim: Yeah, do candle marches and then rape a girl and put the same candles in her hole.

I: What do you do in your day-to-day life? Your hobbies, any dream, you see as a normal girl?

Victim: Yeah I always wanted to see abroad. Go out of India and explore new places. Thanks to my brother and his friends, who raped me so badly that Indian hospitals gave up and I was sent to Singapore for good death.
I am wondering, if I was raped leniently. Then my dream would have remained incomplete.

My Brother cares for me. He fulfilled my dream.

I: For how many hours they did that?

Victim: Hours? They did it complete night; One after the other. May be it was the third round when I fainted down.

And next morning, when hangover came down and they realized what they did. Instead of saying sorry they hostage me, they made their mistake a crime. I was the toy of them for two more days, until my parents and police found me.

I: Didn’t you attempt suicide?

Victim: No, I was dead seeing my own brother above me for two days.

I: What were the circumstances you went through in these two days?

Victim: It was pure fun. They were so kind to me. They bought food for them and then they left bananas for me. They bought beers and left the bottles and cans for me.

They screwed me and then asked me "How did I feel?" I wanted to tell them that let me tell you how does it feels. I wanted to tear their balls and put in a naked electronic wire.

I wanted to tell them but they tied my mouth so hard.

I: They put wires in your hole. Sorry for asking such a question?

Victim: Hole? It's Vagina. They put beer bottles, cans, electronic wires, bananas, cell phones, and countless other things. I told you, I was a toy for them and they made a proper use of it.

I: What will you do next?

Victim: I will fill an FIR and will go back home and turn on television. These news channels always make the news crispy.
 Then I will wait for justice.

I: You will get it.

Victim: Do you guarantee that? If yes then please tell me. Because I will live for an answer of just one question, "Will I get justice?" and there is no other thing left in life. As soon as I find an answer, I will commit suicide.

I: No, we cannot let you die.

Victim: You are so mean. You can put those rapists in jail and feed them every day. They will get an easy death.

You want me to survive; Survive for what? A painful life, I would be left alone. This society will leave me alone. Fact is... death is the only life for me. Now please leave me alone... as you do every time with other rape victims.

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