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Monday, 30 September 2013

Book Review: Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way

Overview - Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way

The Japas are a race so secretive that their existence is dismissed as a myth. Tales of them abound in our mythology, telling of these men and women, possessing physical abilities beyond belief, playing with elements, with the power to curse and cure. They exist among us, mingle with us, ride our metros, visit our malls, and even go to the same schools and colleges as us.

 Parineeta Mohan is a powerful Japni who has turned her back on The Witch Way. She has even brought up her niece and nephew as ordinary people, unaware of their heritage. 

 Their life changes when the kids disappear along with their cousin Roma.

 A shocked and desperate Parineeta has to find them before enemies of her family do, and has no one to turn to but Jorawar, a man she is attracted to but can’t trust since he belongs to the sinister organization Pax.

 The only way she can fight, win and survive is to embrace her heritage, return to The Witch Way.

They say “A New Book is a New world” and “Chakra: Chronicles of the witch way” undoubtedly confirms the statement. Authoress “Ritu Lalit”  dons many hats; she is a keen observer of life, a voracious reader, a parent, a blogger, an author and also an office worker.  The last is most important since it pays her bills!  She has written two books, A Bowlful of Butterflies published by Rupa& Co and Hilawi published by Popular Prakashan. Chakra is her third book.

The Review:
This book is indeed a huge risk; a very new plot, with a very new publisher, and an already established writer, with a 250 rupees tag on the back. When I picked this book, I knew it would be difficult for me to read it. The cover of the book itself says many things about the story. Opening it was like opening door of a strange world. I wasn’t worried, I was somewhat unprepared.

I finally started reading it. First 17-18 pages took the hell out of me to understand what exactly was happening, Kudos to the powerful imagination of Ritu Lalit. Initially, it was a slow read but once I was into it, it became a quick read with imputable urge. Page after Page my mother kept shouting for the dinner and all I was wondering about was awakened kundalinis and japnis. Eventually, I skipped my dinner to feed my urge of reading. 

The book is not an ordinary pick. For the first time I failed to predict what’s gonna happen next, not first time ummm… may be in Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries too. With an explosive plot and a lighting narration, this book becomes a perfect treat for the SMART readers.

This tale will take you to in the world of japas and japnis along with the five elements Varuni for wind, Bhoomars for earth, jalaj for water, Pallav for vegetation and Agney for fire.. It’s a supernatural tale with nail-cum-finger eating suspense, turns and twists. It’s a magical journey, which will turn this book into a new world you can open and step into. It has magic, romance, politics, unimaginable twists, and every other ingredient to keep readers busy.

 It takes years to develop a plot like this (but few hours to read it), to fill all the loopholes, and to bring those What-the-Feck twists. I haven’t read any book of Ritu Lalit. But she definitely earned a fan today. I will wait for its second part.

Final Verdict: A highly recommended book for Harry Potter and other supernatural story fans. And If you are a dumb reader and like Romance fictions, then this is just not for you.  

I will give it 4.50 out of 5.

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-A Review by Team Purple Pen

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