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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Book Review: Hold My Hand by Durjoy Dutta

I think that soon I will have to make a separate bookshelf just for Durjoy’s Books. I realized it as soon as I bought his ninth book titled ‘Hold my Hand’. From the title, the book isn’t seemed to be his another sex oriented book, as it says Hold my HAND, not something else.
This book is published by Penguin Metro Reads; one of the leading publications in India. I am too happy that his books aren’t coming from Grapevine Publications (their paper quality sucks). I had taken an oath for not buying Grapevine’s books anymore, when his ‘Till the last Breath’ came. The book was undoubtedly the best one from my Durjoy-Datta’s-Special-Imaginary-Bookshelf (I will surely make one soon. I Promise :-P)

Talking about the author, Well..!! Well..!! Well..!! Everyone is talking about him. Let’s take a quick revision. Durjoy Datta was born in Delhi, India and completed his degree in engineering (Born in Delhi + Engineering = meant to write books on sex) and business management before embarking writing career. His first book was an instant bestseller and then he never looked back.

Now, finally to the book ‘Hold My Hand’. Cover of the Book – Impressive. Quality of Paper – Likeable.  Story of the Book- Well, I can’t explain it one word. Let me Elaborate…
Book talks about a nerd boy ‘Deep’ who is obsessed of books. His hometown was ‘Library’. His home? Well, every book he read was a home for him. He was a typical mumma’s boy and more to it, her mother was as overprotective mother just like my mom. Sigh! I can understand his feelings.

He used to just read, read and read. He has two best friends Manasi and Aman. Girls come first, Manasi is obsessed of food, and her body structure can easily tell this. Next is Aman. Talking about Aman.. umm.. He was just normal; No particular obsession; just an imperfect student, acting to be cool and living his college life.

Deep gets a chance to go out of India’s boundaries and land on Hong Kong for his internship at some Hong Kong’s library, leaving behind his friends and family.
Initial chapters bore you with his packing the only three shirts he has, ready to go to Hong Kong, First encounter with airport and goodbyes stuff. First part of the story was a slow narration. Finally, Deep reaches Hong Kong, super slowly.

He checks-in in the hotel, sleeps and then sneaks out of his room and then he sees her, Ahana, a stunning beautiful girl. Story takes a turn and at that point, it tells us why the title is ‘Hold my Hand’
Soon, he realizes that Ahana is a blind girl. He feels sad for her but then he was happy that she can’t see him, as no one will be happy to see a nerd.
Ahana was still in the memories of her past; Aveek. However, Deep comes to the rescue and helps her in living her life. They both together explore Hong Kong. Ahana celebrates (talking about actual celebrations) her birthday for the first time. Deep accompanies her well. Love between them grows. They spend some time together roaming around in Honk Kong roads, temples, and Disney land.

Then her gorgeous Ex-boyfriend Aveek comes back. Ahana feels like as if she was a shuttle in any badminton match going here and there. But, before she could conclude all her dilemmas, the story takes an unexpected turn. Last few pages made me stick to the book and finish it as soon as possible. It ended with a surprise.

Talking about the narration skills of Durjoy, He is trying to improve. He is leaving his Durjoy’s-typical-sex-stories books and trying something new every time. I liked the way he narrated the story. He kept on switching the protagonist. For first 104 pages protagonist is Deep. Then Ahana takes over and leads the story as ‘I’ until Page-156. Then narration goes to third-person and then back to Deep.

I found the story quite boring. There was nothing in the plot except the fact that the girl was blind. Durjoy must take his time to work on a plot properly. I don’t expect him to deliver two books in one year (even a baby takes Nine months + 1 day :-P ), I expect that one book which could be read till many years. I expect much more from his books, especially after ‘Till the Last Breath’.

For me, Hold my Hand deserves 3 stars out of 5. Happy Reading..!!!

BY: Himanshu Appie Chhabra
-Review by Team Purple Pen

you can have your own copy buy it from here:

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