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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Love, Life, and Suicide point – Chapter 2

“Rudra.” I answered.

“Who’s that now?” Priyali asked in daze.

I didn’t know him until the day I met him at Suicide point. He was sitting over the edge of a thick brick wall by hanging his legs down in air. It would have taken a hell lot of guts for someone to sit like that when there was a long kilo meters of deep trench down there. But it seemed as if he didn’t mind falling down the ditch and travelling up to paradise. He was completely engrossed in the diary he was scribbling his thoughts in. It was a horrible and scary sight and I could not resist myself from walking up to him.

“Hi. Are you writing your last words for your love before jumping down the ditch?” I said while walking towards him.

He turned his head towards his right and looked at me from the top of my head till the tip of my toe. Instead of bothering to answer me, he chose to carry on with his crap scribbling. How rude of him that he ignored someone like me. But I wasn’t going to give up, not until I suck the last nerve of his brain!
“I am talking to you Mr. Lover,” I said and sat beside him.

“Don’t sit here. It’s risky, you may fall down.” He immediately said with concern.
“I am here to jump, just like you, so not a deal if I fall.” I winked.

“You crazy girl, I am not here to do suicide. I am writing a book. Just get off from here.” He shot.
“Writing? By sitting over the edge of a wall above the trench? What if you fall?”

“I won’t.”

“Why? Do you have a parachute loaded on your back that would land you safely in that pit?” I flunked.
“Kind of.” He smirked.

“Huh? What?” I said and looked at his plain back stupidly. All I could see was his plain blue shirt unkemptly tucked in his low waist jeans.

“There’s nothing at your back. Don’t you dare make a fool of me.” I bawled.

He looked at me slyly and pointed his thumb towards his butts. My eyes squinted on seeing a thick rope tied around the circumference of his butts and then heading towards the nearby rock, making a knot. Even if he accidently slips down, he won’t fall a big distance and can easily crawl up through the rope. On realizing this, my legs began to tremble and heart began to quiver.

“Oh my god. Help me. I am falling, I am dying. Help Help Help!!” I screamed as my body shivered and began losing its balance.

He held me tightly by sliding his hand around my waist and pulling me close to his chest. Slowly, he picked me up in his arms and placed me down the wall. I was shivering with fear even after I had my feet on the ground.

“You can open your eyes now. You’re safe, and on the ground.” He said smugly and untied the knot around his butts.

“I am alive.” I gasped.

“Yes you are. You seem like a lunatic to me. Few minutes back you were sitting over the wall carelessly waving your legs in the air and ready for a jump, and suddenly you realized you are going to fall. What made you to get your senses back, weirdo?”

“The realization that you have a rope around your ass to save it from falling and the realization that I don’t have a shit to save me from dying with a fall made me shiver, you dumb head.” I yelled.

He brushed the dirt from his shirt and closed the diary in his hand. He straightened himself and moved towards the main road, without bothering to reply me, yet again.

“What kind of a guy you are? At least spare me your name.” I yelled behind him.
“Rudra.” He turned his head towards me to reply and instantly resumed walking.

“I am Ahana.” I screamed only to make a fool of myself all over again. He didn’t bother to listen, let alone be replying.

That night as I drooled over my bed, I was aimlessly looking at the bright moon out of the window. I was a kind of a girl, guys used to go gaga over. A smile I threw on a guy and I was sure he becomes all mine. And meeting a guy who didn’t even bother to listen to my name was a blow to my ego. Rudra, I repeated his name in my head again and again and smiled sheepishly at myself.

The next day as I walked my way home from the college, I felt a strange longing in my heart to head towards the suicide point and check if Rudra was there, just like yesterday. I could not control the curiosity of solving the mystery of this guy and so I headed for suicide point. As I wished, I could see him sitting over the same edge of the wall, busy writing his diary.

“Umm, hi Rudra.” I said nervously by approaching him.
“You? Not again!”

“What do you mean by me again? I am not a bad company.” I said as I stood supporting the wall.
“I know you’re not. That’s why you better stay away.”

Every word he used to speak, used to make me feel how different he was. He wasn’t just another random guy. He was different from all the rest. The puzzle in his eyes and mystery in his heart attracted me towards him like an opposite pole of magnet.

“You can’t resist staying away. I am too awesome to be skipped” I hit back and this time, for the first time, he smiled. The curve of his lips in a half moon made my heart dance in disco beats. That evening, we chatted, we talked, we laughed and we screamed together. Being with him felt as if I had got back a long forgotten friend of mine. As our talks deepened, he told me about his girl friend who left him because she thought he was sheer loser and would have nothing to do with his life. She went away because she didn’t want to be a part of a loser’s life.

I told him about me and my so called ex boy friend. For a moment Rudra thought that I was been dumped and hence got the careless attitude thereafter. But the reality was, I dumped the poor guy because he was too sticky to be around. He was more like that Pug puppy from Vodafone than a human boy friend. We laughed at those stupid moments when we had cried for someone in our past. Soon, it felt as if I had known him since long. It felt as if the puzzle was deciphering itself slowly.

The sun was rushing down the mountain and dusk was finding its way. We had been chatting since long span of hours. The winter breeze was gushing through the trees making our bodies shiver with chill. He moved closer to me and partly placed his arms around me making a partial hug. I smiled at him while clutching him tighter and blushed at his act. He felt loved and wanted, I could feel that in his words. The poetic words he whispered in my ears that moment were enough to give me goose bumps.

As we were drawing closer to know each other, a loud screech of tire brought us to present. The vroom of the engine and the loud screech making sports bike halted in front of me and I parted myself from Rudra to walk towards my friend, my best friend.

“Did I hear ‘best friend?’ You had a best friend other than me, that too in Shimla.” Priyali narrowed her gaze and I nodded awkwardly.


Himanshu Appie Chhabra
Drishti Dasgupta

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Write with us, Get your Article Featured here.
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Purple Pen is just a click away: Download our smart-phone App
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Write with us, Get your Article Featured here.
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Purple Pen is just a click away: Download our smart-phone App
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