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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Love, Life and Suicide Point Chapter-5

In my heart, what flows is Love,

In my ways, what walks beside is Love,

It doesn’t matter, How far you go,

The Thousand miles…& a step of Love.

‘The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love’ started the very next day. Rudra liked my writing skills and we started working together. It wasn’t a Cinderella story, it had misunderstandings, fights, differences and all the emotions intact in it. It wasn’t the prefect love, but it was pure.

The book took almost six months. In these six months, all of the sudden Aarav started avoiding me. I didn’t know what happened that day after college. I just came back to my room and slept for few hours.

Everything was normal for me. I woke up late at night and checked my cell phone. There were missed calls from Rudra. I dialed his number and we conversed whole night. I told him about how special I felt in the college this morning and moon faded by injecting more love in our hearts. I fell in love.

Initially, Rudra had a fear that something would happen and he would lose me forever. His Ex-gf was the only reason of that. He loved her with all his heart but she never understood. She left Rudra just because she had a strong disbelief that Rudra would become a poor writer. She didn’t saw a future in him and eventually left him alone to cry. I gave Rudra no chance to feel that I wasn’t serious for him. I was more than just serious, I was in love. With time he understood it and then it was just flawless.

On the other hand, Aarav slowly started drifting apart. All of the sudden he made new friends, he stopped picking my calls. It seemed as if he changed in a single night. I didn’t notice his behavior at that time, as I was so dedicated to the ‘The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love’and Rudra’s love also took me in different world.  I was living, all my dreams were in front of me. I was happy. I wanted my life to get a ‘Pause’. The moment was as perfect as the beautiful sunset of Shimla. They say there isn’t any season of love. True, there isn’t any season of love, there is a life of love.

“So, finally the book is complete.” I smiled and took sip of my cappuccino. From last six months, this coffee shop was our workshop. We played with words and emptied countless cups of coffee.

“Yeah, it is done. I can’t believe it. We did it together…” He was happy but all of the sudden his happiness vanished. He was sad for something. He never was as sad as today. We had completed the book. Why he wasn’t happy?

Love is strong, it can live,
If love is a mistake, we can forgive.
From good and bad, Love is all above,
The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love.

He didn’t share his sadness. He always did that, whenever he was sad about something. He just went to the Suicide point and shared his sadness with no one.

“It’s party time guys,” Shweta said. She was the waitress at coffee shop and definitely the greatest friend of us. Rudra, I and all the workers partied hard that day. I was overwhelmed with the fact that I actually completed the book. Rudra always said that I work very hard but it was all his hard work which made the book beautiful. Party was over and we were about to leave the café. It was a winter night and I was expecting a snowfall. I wore my jacket and wrapped the muffler around my neck. Rudra wore his jacket too and we left the coffee shop. Our hostels were at opposite sides. We waved each other good bye.
“Rudra listen,” I turned to tell him something.

“Yes,” he said.

“Have you ever kissed in snowfall?” I asked mischievously.

He looked at the sky, It was all blank. “No…” He said.

I took a step towards my love and hugged him tightly. My lips touched his lips and soon we were lost in each other. The kiss was passionate, it was real and it was two souls meeting at the edge of our lips.

“Oh wait, but there is no snowfall.” Rudra looked at the sky again and a tiny slow ball fell down on his nose. Soon, there were many soft cottony balls coming down from the heaven to earth.

‘Look, now we are having a snowfall,” I said and smooched him again. His lips reacted and his kiss went deeper. I was wrapped in him, secure and blushing like a queen.  We kissed there for almost fifteen minutes.
“We must leave now. I have to mail the script to the publishers and look it’s already Nine. Your hostel gates will be locked in half an hour,” Rudra cared.

“Oh! Shit. I must leave now. Ok… bye… bye… bye… and all the best for the manuscript and listen…” I paused.


“I love you,” I said and gave a peck on his cheeks. We both went to our respective hostel rooms.


Later that night, Rudra’s sadness overcame his happiness again. He was sad; he turned off his cell phone as he wanted to spend some time with his loneliness. He fell on his bed and soon the room was echoing with his sobs. He was crying for some reason.

He tried to divert his mind. He had to send the book they completed to all the renowned publishers in India. He turned on his laptop and sat in front of it. A tear cheated him and trickled down his eyes.

He opened the MS word document of ‘The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love’ and moved the cursor to Author’s name “Ahana Sharma and Rudra Singh”. He hit the backspace button until his name disappeared from the sight and then he typed few alphabets. He looked at the screen; it was “Ahana Sharma and Aarav Gupta”
Love takes sacrifices, it takes you,
If love is impure, it breaks you.
You can just stay, our walk out of,
The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love.

Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Drishti Dasgupta

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