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Monday, 30 September 2013

Love Life and Suicide Point Chapter-6

It wasn’t just a night. It was a nightmare for Rudra. Snowfall outside the windows of his lifeless room turned out into a storm. He tried to sleep but eventually failed. He felt suffocated in the room. He wanted to shout, he wanted to scream. After numerous attempts, he gave up. He wore his shoes and jacket and in no time, and left the room.
He knew where he had to go. It was suicide point, his shoulder in the loneliness, his friend in the need, his home in the orphanage. Winds were heavy, Earth was sheeted with snow. He somehow reached the darkened suicide point and sat on the edge of it, without any support. A strong slap of wind could have led him into the bottomless mountains. He could have died. However, his grief and his pain was more than anything. He lost his dream of becoming a writer. He blamed the day when he met Aarav after the college. It was a much unexpected day of his life.

Bell of last period rang… Rudra was happy that he gifted roses to Ahana, but he had a doubt in mind too. He didn’t like the way Aarav asked him to meet at suicide point. His sixth sense was telling him that something would go wrong and his sixth sense was right.

“Are you happy now?” asked Aarav in anger.

“Happy about?” Rudra was confused, unaware about, why he was getting scolded.

“You took my love from me. I love Ahana and you just came and took her. I can’t let this happen.” Aarav cleared.

“But, she loves me and I know that. I had seen it in her eyes,” Rudra offended. He seriously believed that Ahana loved him and when you are in love belief is the only thing you need.

“Did she tell you?” Aarav asked a simple question.

Rudra had no reply to it. Ahana hadn’t accepted her feelings for him. Rudra kept mum.

“I know her since ages and dude! They are many Rudra’s who came in her life. It’s just infatuation for her. She loves just me. You can ask her that that if she can live without me?” Aarav was on high nerves.
Rudra lost himself in thoughts. He remembered that once Ahana said that Aarav is the most important person in her life and she can’t live without him.

Aarav had found a loop hole of Rudra’s mind. He knew that Rudra’s Ex-girlfriend had left him for no reason and now he was little insecure about love relation with Ahana.

“But, I love her. I can’t handle one more heartbreak. Please tell Ahana that I seriously love her and I expect the same from her,” Rudra pleaded. Aarav was a smart ass, he got his nerves.

“Ahana can’t see your love. She is too obsessed with mine. There is a solution… but you won’t agree to it.” Aarav smiled mysteriously. He had a plan.

“Please tell me what I can do. Help me! Aarav I love her.” Rudra was in tears.

“There is just one solution. I have to go out of her life, and then she would be able to see your love.” Aarav completed.

“No, I can’t break your friendship like this. I can’t cheat her friendship for my love and moreover why will you leave her for me. She is your best friend.” Rudra wasn’t compelled.

“Come on! I am not gonna do it for free. I want you to give me something in return,” Aarav sounded mean.
“What do you want?”

“I was wondering, it’s really good to become a writer and I liked the name of your book ‘Love Life and Suicide point’”

“You want my book?” Rudra asked.

“No, how can I be so mean? I don’t want just one book. I want your next book too. What was the name? ? Ah… that  Thousand miles and something …. Step of Love.” Aarav smiled. “Damn, I am bad in remembering names,” He sighed.

“But, I am writing it with Ahana.” Rudra excused.

“It’s your problem buddy. Think well… Give it a thought. You are a writer, you can write hundreds of book, but there won’t be hundreds of Ahana. Hopefully, you understand who is more precious.” Aarav put the keys in his bike and started it to leave.

That night, Rudra left a text on Aarav’s cellphone. It stated ‘I am ready to give you my one love for the sake of other. I have called my publishers. They will send a fresh contract of ‘Love, Life and Suicide point’ and I will give you the second book too, once it is completed. Promise me… you will never look back to me and Ahana.”

In no time, reply flashed on his screen “I Promise”

From that day, Rudra never saw Aarav talking to me. Night turned darker now, Rudra could hardly breathe in the stormy night. Six months were done and all his insecurities were faded away with time. Rudra earned his one love by forgoing his other love.

Rudra cried for some more time. Storm hit him hard. His jacket and all the clothes that shielded him became useless. He was shivering with cold and soon a heavy wind slapped him. He felt a bump and he fainted. He could see just darkness. He closed his eyes and soon he lost his senses. His breath left him alone, his heart was frozen to beat and his grief; it had no end.


“Ahana,” He found himself in the hospital, lying on the bed. His head was aching. He noticed me sitting next to him.

“You are back to your senses. Baby! I was so scared. Thank god. How are you feeling now,” I asked. I was happy that he opened his eyes.

“What had happened to me,” Rudra asked in confusion. He thought he fell down the suicide point and he was dead.

“You fainted on the edge of suicide point. You owe an explanation to me. What the hell were you doing there in that stormy night? Is there anything you want to tell me? If yes, then please tell me.” I tried to be angry.

“There is nothing Ahana!”

“I Love you Rudra,” I said and kissed his cheeks.

“I love you too. Will you lead a kiss from my side too,” Rudra winked.

“Dude! You are almost dead and you are still sounding so despo. You know what; I just can’t live without you. I love you much more…” I said and kissed him again, this time from his slice.

“By the way, who brought me here?” Rudra asked with a lot more confusion.

“I brought you here buddy,” Aarav said entering the room. He came near to hug him. I hugged him, as I was unaware of everything. Aarav smiled at Rudra with screw-your-promises expressions… He was back.

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