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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Love, Life, Suicide point – Chapter 1

It was a dark eerie monsoon night. My entire body was tied with heavy ropes and someone was pushing me down the edge of a multistory building. I was crying for help and the moment I was pushed down, the one having underwear over his pants – The Superman, came to my rescue. I was expecting Spiderman though because he owns some decency to wear the inner thingsinside, but yet I was happy to see superman. Superman looks older, but excluding the underpants stuff, he has a better dressing sense. Spiderman’s web-covered dress sucks.

‘Ting… Tong… Ting… Tong…’

A finger pushed against the doorbell and I was thrown out of my Marvel productions dream. Wiping the blanket, I crawled to the door. My Pinky Piggy shots weren’t suitable to welcome guests but then maybe it was Superman, Spiderman, Batman or etc-man. Pinky shots would be appropriate to not let them focus on my sleepy weird face. Rubbing my eyes, I opened the door.

“I am so gonna Kill you Ahana,” I noticed a blur visual of a girl in blue one piece tube top.

I rubbed my eyes harder to get my sight back. I knew the voice very well. I cleared. She wasn’t alone, she brought sunrays along with her; enough shiny to RIP my I-am-still-sleepy eyes.

“Oh my god! It’s you Priyali,” I hugged her in excitement. God, I missed this hug for three long years. Not being lesbian, but there is something so romantic in Best friend’s hug.

“You came back after graduation and didn’t even bother to call me,” Priyali started her Notanki just like our school days. Three years back, we were the life of St. Joseph high school. However, then as they say, all of the sudden we grew up and were seeking for colleges. I got a college at Shimla and left Pawani for three long years. Our hometown Pawani is far away from the hustle bustle. It’s situated on beautiful hills of Himachal. It’s cool, peaceful and beautiful.

“See what I bought; A DVD of Paranormal activities and popcorns. Say Hii to the old days,” She chuckled and gestured to say Hii. Priyali looked bubbly and excited as always. We were huge fans of horror movies. We used to have night outs and horror movies were on the DVD player for whole night. They used to scare the hell out of us.

“Spare the DVD for tonight. You are staying here at my place only.” I smiled at her and hugged again.

She became cozy meanwhile I started brushing my teeth. She leaned to the washroom’s wall and kept singing everything I missed in last three years. I was replying with nods, eye expressions and she perfectly understood my sign language. I was done.

I was feeling hungry so I made sandwiches for myself. Her stomach was full. I kept eating and eating and she continued with everything-I-missed movie: The sequel. After breakfast, I dig my cupboard and found out albums of our school days. They took us in the years back memories. I still remember, we were Insane, we had done almost everything from hooting in the classroom to bunking the school for Salman Khan movies FDFS, from the night outs in exams and tours in holidays, from the handsome hunk Nitin to the braces-girl Natasha, everything was intact so fresh so serene in those albums.

“Remember when we went to watch 3-idiots and skipped out internal tests,” She giggled. Priyali was a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat. It was December’s cold Friday. We had our Math’s test and I was never ready for the movie. On the other side, Priyali was going nuts just because the story was taken from his favorite author’s book. She gave me an ample of Puppy face looks and I found myself buying two tickets of 3-Idiots, almost frozen in cold December breezes in my school skirts.

“Yes, how can I forget that? We both failed in internals and Amir Khan topped the IIT. Now, we can conclude who was an idiot.” I replied taking the bowl of popcorns. Sun was about to set and we were almost done with the albums. We kept the albums aside and played the DVD she brought.
“Hey listen. I was wondering that we haven’t gone somewhere since ages. So, we must make up a plan.” She said ignoring the movie and bouncing popcorns in her mouth.

“So we are going to Shimla this weekend for book launch event of my favorite author.” She said quickly, not giving me time to even think and refuse. As she was pretty sure that I was going to refuse.

“Sorry, I can’t come.” I didn’t want to go. I had certain bad memories with Shimla and I wanted to run away from them.
“But it’s the book launch event of Aarav Gupta and I can’t miss that. You are coming and I don’t want to listen a no,” she behaved like a kid.

I was surprised with the name she just took. She left me open mouthed. I garbage my thoughts and replied “I don’t like his books. Still, I will think,”

Later that night, Movie ended and we had the best time of our life again. Clock was showing 2:30 am. I was about to doze-off any moment. Priyali had nothing to wear and she couldn’t sleep in her tube top. I was too sleepy to wake-up and give her something to wear. So, I asked her to open the cupboard and wear anything what comforts her.

Priyali went to the cupboard and sneaked down to find some clothes. She wiped the clothes to see behind and was left in shock. There she found something that was unacceptable for her. Ignoring everything she ran back to the bed.

“You owe an explanation to me,” She said. I was too sleepy to reply. I pretended to be dead.
She shrugged me and repeated the last line. I wake up and asked her what it is.

“You know Aarav Gupta?” She asked.
I tried to dodge her question. I thought for a while and replied “Aarav Gupta… Aarav Gupta…umm… No, I don’t know any person with this name.”

“If you don’t know him. How can you write a book with him? Ahana stop lying.” She was angry now. She threw the paperback copy of the book and went in the balcony.

My lie was caught. I looked at the book and read out the name in my mind ‘The Thousand miles …. & a step of Love’ Author: Ahana Sharma and Aarav Gupta.’ I was pushed back again in the worst memories of my graduation. Sleep disappeared from my eyes and a little tear was ready to trickle down my eyes. I held the book and walked to the balcony with wet eyes.

“I am sorry that I lied to you. I am ready to answer your every question.” I sobbed.
“I am listening. I want to know everything… and yes why this book is not available in the market? I never saw it.” She asked avoiding eye contact with me.

“It is a sample book. Publishers send these sample books to authors before launching it in the market.” I replied.

“But, why are you crying? Why this book isn’t launched in the market?” she asked again.

“It’s a long story,”

“I am listening.” She said and sat on the balcony wall. I started narrating…

It was just another day of my first year of graduation. I was with my prank-setter friends. We were sitting in the college canteen and all of the sudden we planned to visit suicide point. I had never visited a Suicide point in my life. So, I went there along with my friends and I found him. He was sitting on the edge of a big black rock alone and was scribbling something in his diary. He seemed mysterious and attractive.

“Was he Aarav?” Priyali asked with interest.


“Then who was he?”


Himanshu Chhabra
Drishti Dasgupta

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