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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Daughter Nalini, by Parul Parihar

"Last Last.. Just One More bite..",She said bottling up a toast in her hand..
"Nahi! I cant i am full as of now.. I am already getting behind time Maa! I need to run now", she stood up culling her hand bag..

"Okay baba! And ha return home on time, Your Dad dont not like your working for late.." she annotated her while handing her the tiffin box.

"Maa.. I am working with a call centre! So sometimes it is quite aphoristic to get late", she replied appearing to be a Liberal Girl..

Nalini, a 21 years old independent and bold girl. After completing her graduation she was now working to support her family.. She is the only child of her mother and step father..

"Achaa.. Now allow me to Go.. Bye", glancing her Mother's forehead she left for work..
Meanwhile she too got busy with her homely chores..

"Where Is Nalini ?", some customary voice asked from behind..
"She had to reach office a bit early today.. So she left an hour ago," she addressed back refraining an eye contact.

"Office.. Han! Call Centre.. I know what kind  of work she do there.. I assimilate everything.." He said in a bantering tone..

Harsh Talwar, Nalini's 49 year old step father. For him Nalini was just a burden, he never accepted her..

Marrying his mother was the biggest mistake for him.. He lost his everything in business..
He went to the drawing room and commenced reading the newspaper..
"Tea.", she said allocating the tea cup on the table.

He gave her an abominating look and said,"Who will give me Water.?"
"Oh.. Han i forgot.. Let me get it for you.", she replied hitting herself agilely on her head..
She got water for him.. And cocked there till he completed his tea..

"How much your daughter earn.?", He acquired sounding involved for the first time..
"I conceived she was your daughter too", she muttered intentionally..
"What.?" He raised his brow in suspicion..

"Some 15000..", she answered back taking the tea cup back from his hand..
She was about to turn back.. But He interrupted again..
"I am planning out to start a new business, so ask her to furnish me with some bucks", he said attending the newspaper..

"Ji.", she added and went to the Kitchen.

While acclimatizing the boxes, her weak eyes were getting aqueous..
Placing her hand on her forehead she broke down on to the floor..

And started bemoaning silently.. She inserted the kitchen cloth into her mouth, so that the articulation did not reach Him..
Maaya Talwar, who gave away her entire life for her daughter.. She lost her husband and had to marry Harsh so that her daughter never feel the emptiness in her life..

But she was wrong..

It was Six in the evening and everyday by this time.. Nalini was Home..
She was standing on the door waiting for her daughter.. Her only antecedent to live..

Waiting there to clasp her and that would dematerialized all her problems.. Like they never dwelled..
But today there was some abnormal fear  that was amplifying inside her.. She never felt this way before..
It was 6:30, she kept waiting..

Time was running fast but there was no inkling of her yet..
Finally when it was Eight! She dialled her number..

The bell rang for some time but no one attended the call..
"She must be busy in work", she consoled herself..

She went to Nalini's room.. From her telephone diary she noted her office's number..
She dialled the number..
A feminine voice received  the phone..

"Hello..We are calling For Excel Call Centre.. How can i help you.?"
"My daughter.. Nalini.. She work in your office.. Can i talk to her?", it was getting harder for her.. Her concern was evident..

"Ma'am Nalini has already left some hours ago.", she replied lackadaisically..
She ended the call and rushed towards the drawing Room..
"Nalini has left for Home long time back.. She is not here yet.. Please look for her..", she bewailed holding his hand..

The thought of anything wrong happening to her daughter was killing her within..
"She must have eloped with any of her lovers.. Dont worry..", he said casting him loose from her grip..
She started crying more  heading towards the main door..
Nalini was standing there..

She could not think of anything else and hugged her enduringly..
"You just killed me today", she said moving her hands on her back placidly..
All of a sudden she noticed that her clothes were completely drenched in mud..
She looked at her.. Her dupatta was missing.. Her hair were left open open.. She looked messy..
Little Blood was running down from her lower lip..

"What happen.? Why are you like this.?", she alleged trying to move her body..
Nalini looked up straight into her eyes and hugged her again..

"Maa.. They touched me. They Touched me everywhere.. Maa they were delinquent people..i ran away from there", Nalini was shivering..

On hearing that.. She felt as if it was the END.. End of their Hopes.. Dreams..

Nalini's father passed away when she was just two years old.. She had to marry another man so that she could give her the desirable Life..
Endless Questions and Flow of  Emotions were clamoring inside her mind..
She consoled Nalini and took her to the bed room..

She made her rest there..
Controlling herself and trying to ameliorate some strength he went towards the another Room..
He was couching on the bed..
She sat on her knees abreast him..

"Nalini Got Harassed", She said trying to sound Strong.. Strong for her only Child..
He said nothing and headed towards Nalini's Room..

She followed him..

He clutched Nalini'r wrist tightly and dragged her out..
She tried hard to release her daughter from his clench but all was in vain..
He crawled her till the main door..

"Get Out.. You dont deserve to Live.. Today you have proved that your not my real child.. Why did i marry your Mother ? To see this day.We never had a child so that we can look after you properly.. Get Lost.. We are not a part of your this Sin.. You came to my live to bring disgrace.. Shame.. Dont show me your Face Again",he shouted loud enough to bring Nalini back to the brutal reality.

Nalini was left motionless..

She knew the fact that he was not his real father but somehow the words today broke her completely..
"Stop it.. Just Stop it.. She is not your daughter, so it is not right on your part to say that she has brought shame to you.."

This was the first time in 21 years she spoke.. Spoke Against Him..

He was too abashed to answer her back. Never in his blustering dreams he had imagined that one day His Wife will backfire like this..

She went inside and returned in few minutes carrying two bags..
She helped Nalini in getting up..
"Yes She is Going.but Not Alone.. I am going with her.. Because She is my Daughter.. I will fight for her.. Fight with her.."

Saying that they left..

Leaving behind everything.. All the unpleasant Memories..
He just kept looking at them.. Until they disappeared from his sight..
Leaving him alone to live..

 - Parul Parihar
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