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Sunday, 27 October 2013

BOOK REVIEW – “EX…a twisted love story”

BOOK REVIEW – “EX…a twisted love story”


Well, for me there are 3 kinds of author.
1. Whose books are bought because of their facial charm.
2. Whose books are bought because of extravagant promotional activities and also because of that one successful book they produced many years ago compared to so many flops in recent times.
And last but not the least…
3. Whose books are bought because they leave you mesmerised with their words and thought process.
Novoneel Chakraborty falls in the last category. First let me tell you something about the author.

About the author -

Novoneel is a Mumbai based author and screenwriter. His books are a perfect blend of romance and thrill. If one is interested in a fast, gripping and soulful read, this is the writer you should look out for. The author has a tendency to portray any of his female characters as invincible and this supremacy of female protagonist has been seen in all his books till date. Novoneel’s philosophical takes against a literary backdrop portraying the duality of human mind is very much significant and that is one such factor why I am so much into his works. His diction in his works is also something that will draw the attention of any avid reader.
Apart from a full time writer, he is a blogger to. Spare your time at and you will discover a whole new reality that will implant seeds of realization in your heart.

About the book

This book titled, “EX…a twisted love story” is Novoneel’s fourth novel. The blurb of the book talks about acquiring someone’s heart by seducing their mind. The tag line itself makes one dive deep below the horizons of superficial thinking.

In the blurb you find the mentioning of three main characters namely; NEEL, the male lead. TITIKSHA, Neel’s present girlfriend and NIVRITA, whom Novoneel handovers the coat of invincibility (as I mentioned in about the author section, one female character will be there whose immense mental strength will make you feel weak in your spines).

NIVRITA here plays the role of a catalyst by jumping into the cauldron of Neel’s life and thereby altering every single thought that was taking root in it. They meet at the Jaipur Literature Festival, where Neel, an aspiring writer went to seek inspiration. Nivrita says to Neel that she was her ex during his school days whereas Neel has no idea about her. For Neel she is a stranger but Nivirta’s sexy charm and elegance made Neel end up spending a night in her hotel room. It was that make out with Nivrita that the foundation bricks of Neel’s pseudo prominent life starts to displace.

Nivrita entraps Neel by promising to make his debut novel an instant bestseller because she herself was the senior commissioning editor of a lead publication house. She also promises Neel to narrate a story to him. It was in the writing process of the story that Neel feels guilty of having betrayed his present girlfriend Titiksha by sleeping with Nivrita.

As the story develops Neel’s guilt deepens further and Nivrita, who began with puncturing Neel’s morality as a needle by seducing him to bed, by then turns into a sword that was slicing Neel’s soul with a revengeful feeling. It is when Nivrita reaches the last scene of the story she was narrating that Neel realizes that his entire life is a LIE, or an unfortunate truth that he was kept away from. To know about it, get the book and read it yourself.

With a plot like "EX" that swings to and fro between past and present, never did it expose anything. Such a gripping read it was. It was the last word of the book, that cleared every doubt in my mind. Suspense was held with sheer professionalism. Novoneel's command as a writer over the plot was superb.

The story will give your breath a run for life. You will bite nails, you will feel scary, you will feel love, you will feel hatred, you will feel passionate and at the end you will feel it was a MAGIC. Never in my wildest of imagination could I think of such a conclusion. Novoneel had sprouted a wonder with his imagination. It is a must read.

What you may NOT like
1.       If you are a die-hard Novoneel fan you will miss his philosophical takes. This book is built with to the point narration. 
2.       The book is published by RANDOM HOUSE INDIA. A renowned name in the publishing industry and hence even a single printing mistake is unpardonable. I spotted two.
3.       Some of you may not be able to digest such an unpredictable conclusion.

I wish Novoneel all the very best for his future endeavours. J

REVIEWED BY -  Sobhan Pramanik


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