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Just Saying

Friday, 4 October 2013

Love, Life, and Suicide point – Chapter 8

Distances aren’t created, they are walked. That day Rudra walked out of my life. I was so blind that I couldn’t even see his love for me. Rudra left the town and I couldn’t even say sorry to him. After slapping him, I couldn’t sleep that night. What was his fault? I asked myself. I tried to find the answer for the entire night but there wasn’t any answer.

After facing every emotion that night I concluded that I must have slapped Aarav, not him. It was only Aarav who offered him this deal. It was Aarav who did everything.

I tried calling Rudra, but his cell phone was switched off. Every time he used to switch off his cell phone I used to find him at suicide point. I hurried to the suicide point, but he wasn’t there. I went to his hostel and eventually failed to trace him. I searched him at college and the coffee shop too. But no one ever saw him, He was gone.

It took me a year to accept the reality that Rudra was gone and he was never coming back. Meanwhile, as per the publication’s contracts Aarav’s first book launched ‘Love Life and Suicide Point’. It was a huge hit and Aarav became a star. He had no time for me; I was just another trophy for him. He won me from Rudra, he placed me with rest of his trophies and then forgot me as if I ceased to exist.

Aarav became the candy of college, then whole Shimla and then whole country. Stardom was ruling his mind. He was happy that he won again, but he didn’t care that who had lost. It was me, I lost my love, and I lost my best friend. I was guilty, guilty to slap Rudra that night; I wish I could go back in time and slap Aarav.
Aarav came back to me when the second book was about to launch, not because I was his friend but because I was his co-author. I refused to become his co-author and apparently ‘Thousand miles… and a step of Love’ never got launched.

I was alone; there was no one who could sit beside me and wipe my tears, there was no one who could lend me a shoulder to cry away my pain. I left Shimla and came back to Pawani. My family, my mother was here. I told her everything that happened to me; she listened to me like a true friend. I spent several nights crying in my mother’s lap to sleep.

It took almost three months for me to recover and then one day I heard the bell of my house, it was you; Priyali.

“Aarav is such a dog. How can he do this to you? I will see him… Pack your bags we are going to complete the jobs left.” Priyali said. The sun was about to rise and calendar added one more date to the past.

“What job?” I was confused and the way she reacted it felt as if she would take her dad’s gun and would shoot Aarav.

“You said na… you wish you could go back and slap Aarav instead of Rudra. We are going to slap him.” Priyali grinned.

There wasn’t any chance to refuse her. Somewhere I too was missing Shimla and yes, I had to slap Aarav just once.

We packed out bag pack and took the bus for Shimla. Book Launch event was at evening, so we had ample of time to reach there.

“Do you have Rudra’s number?” Priyali sat next to me on bus. Bus was about to start.

“I have but it’s switched off since ages. No one knows where he is. I thought, soon he will write a book by his name and then I will trace him easily.” I said and tried to sleep on my seat. Bus started its ignition and I knew Shimla wasn’t far away.

In next couple of hours, we reached to the heaven on earth, Shimla. My entire body was shivering, not due to cold but due nervousness and uncertainty. It had been a year since my anger, frustration, guilt, sorrow and loss had been eating me within inside bit by bit. I had died every second just to reverse the clock and correct every mistake of mine. Today when I actually had the chance, fear and clumsiness overpowered me.

As we stepped down the bus, Priyali held my hand tightly as if giving me strength to do something which I should have done much before. True friends are no less than angles on earth and she proved to be one. We hired an auto and reached to the venue. All the way long, Priyali was busy motivating me and by then, I had gathered enough courage and guts to walk up to so called Aarav Gupta and print a hard slap on his shit face.
On reaching the venue, we stationed ourselves in the guest chairs and waited for the event to begin. The conference hall seemed like an ocean of crowd where people erupted like a never ending volcano. I was sure enough that Aarav won’t be able to spot us until we were crowded by numerous people around us. Few minutes passed by and the event was about to begin, soon, my cell phone beeped for an incoming message. I looked into the screen which flashed an unknown number. I opened the text message and it read,

“I know you are here. Meet me at suicide point after the launch event. I’ll be there. – Aarav Gupta.”

Drishti Dasgupta (Blogger at Maple Leaf)
Himanshu Chhabra (Blogger at Purple Pen)

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