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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Love, Life, and Suicide point – Last Chapter

Aarav didn’t give a damn. He ignored me whole evening in spite of knowing the fact that I was there. The text message took me to the suicide point. I was again at the doors of my past. Now, it was up to me; either to push them and open it or to go back. I opened them to ensure that everything would come to an end.
Priyali encouraged me to go and meet Aarav. She was red angry; the wish to kick Aarav down the suicide point ozone her mind.  ‘I will kill that bastard,’ she was mumbling on our way to suicide point. We preferred walking; I needed to prepare myself to face Aarav after so long. I was walking on these concrete roads after a year.

Flashes of the unbearable past, made their way to me with every step. We passed by the coffee shop and I showed the same to Priyali. She was so into the story that she took me inside the coffee shop and asked me where Rudra and I used to sit; she wanted to visualize, and to feel every part of the story. More than that, she terribly wanted to meet Rudra. She had a certain respect for what he did to save his love, yet failed.
We kept walking and I kept telling her my memories bound with the places and things on our way. And finally we reached suicide point. There was nothing changed since one year, except Rudra’s presence. I started missing Rudra, I went numb and I closed my eyes. I was in past; I was in the last moment Rudra and I spent together. I wanted to erase the memories and rewrite them again. If it had to be perfect, it could have been liked this.

Rudra one by one lit all the candles. It felt like someone left the stars to glow on the surface of moon. It was beauty at its best. After lighting the last candle he called me again. He was really excited that it would be the most memorable day of our life. He put the phone on his ears and waited for my cell to ring. The call was connected and he could hear the ringtone from the back side. He turned back to welcome me.

“Ahana so finally you are here,” He smiled and opened his arms to hug me.

I hugged him and showed him the book. Aarav was confused seeing my behavior. “Why didn’t you tell me Rudra? You could have told me this baby. Remember! I promised you that I won’t leave you ever. You can believe it, I now it’s all Aarav’s fault. You don’t have to explain anything. Rudra, I love you.”
Rudra smiled at me, he had no regret of losing his books; his dream to become a writer. He had everything he wanted in his life. It was me, just me. “I Love you too, Ahana. Aarav you can keep these sample copies too and thank you for giving me my love,” Rudra gave Aarav the sample copy; he had certain warmth in his voice.

Aarav took the book and get back to his bike. “You are making a mistake Ahana.  I can get you fame. I can get you a carrier. This guy won’t take you anywhere and one day you will find yourself jumping down the same suicide point, blaming this guy.” Aarav barked.

“Fuck off Aarav. I have taken my decision. You have your book, I have my Rudra. Please leave us alone. He barked something in reply and disappeared on him bike.

“I am sorry Rudra,” I said, but he made me quiet by putting his index finger on my lips.

“ssshhhh,” He wiped away his finger and brought his lips beside my lips. We were ready to kiss each other, but a manly voice called me from behind and I was again back to the reality.

“Ahana, What are you doing here?” A familiar voice wiped away my clouds of imagination.  I knew the voice, it wasn’t Aarav; it was Rudra.

“Rudra,” I turned back with happiness and when I tried to hug him, I found  Priyali already hugging him. She was lost and Rudra was confused that why the hell an unknown girl was hugging him in front of his girlfriend (I was still his girlfriend. We didn’t break up and he was all mine.)

Rudra kept smiling at me and I kept smiling at him. Priyali came back to her senses soon and said “Oh sorry man, sorry for hugging you. Dude! I respect you for what you did for your love. I mean, that way you gave your dream to Aarav tells that you can give away anything for Ahana. Ahana is dumb, she didn’t understand it.. But, she is still sorry for what she did that night. I am saying sorry from her side, forgive her. She loves you a lot… By god…Sachewala”Priyali  had again lost her senses. She was going insane and was blabbering idiotically.

“Priyali, I can say sorry to him by myself. I think you must take a leave now. Go and watch Shimla,” I pinched her and gave her a bad-eagle-fly-away look.

She understood and left, leaving Rudra and I alone. I noticed her walking few steps and then hugged Rudra tightly. Tears of happiness were born in my eyes “Why did you leave me like this Rudra? How can you just go like this? I hate you… I hate you so much,”

He hugged me back and I dug my head in his chest. He looked at my tears and wiped them away with his thumb. “I love you too Ahana,” The moment he said this, I had butterflies in my stomach.

I hugged him to the tightest. I was back to home after a long time. Yes, his arms were a home for me. I felt nostalgic; I felt happy. I cried, I smiled, I giggled, I sobbed and I felt every emotion which I was holding back from the last one year.

“I Love you three… stupid,” I sobbed and was lost in him.

“I have to complete the work I left incomplete,” Rudra said and unwrapped himself from me.
“What?” I looked at him.

He unbuttoned his first button of shirt and I saw a locketshining in his neck, tied with a black thread. Wait! It wasn’t a locket, it was a ring. He pulled out the ring from his neck and sat on his knees.  He proposed me with the same poem he wrote for that night. The paper was lost that night but our love wasn’t, it managed to survive and breathe in our hearts.

He held my hand and pushed the ring in my love finger. I kept sobbing and was mumbling ‘I love you,” repeatedly. It was the best day of my life. I said ‘yes’ and hugged him for some more time. Sun was about to die and twilight knocked.

“Let’s sit on the edge of that rock, sunset looks beautiful from there,” Rudra said and pointed his finger where we sat for the first time and where he used to sit and write in his diary. He held my hand and walked beside me. I was looking at him and he was looking at our ways. I was walking in his belief.
I sat on the edge of the suicide point.Rudra was about to sit when I noticed a book hooked in the rock’s crack.

“What’s this?” I pulled out the book and took a glance of it. It said “Thousand miles… and a step of Love” Author: Rudra Singh and Ahana Sharma. I was surprised by seeing Rudra’s name and so was he.

“You put it here?” I asked Rudra with confusion. He moved his head in refusal.

“Wait a minute, who told you that I will come here? How did you know?” I tried to figure out, what was happening with us.

I received a message this morning, ‘I know you still love Ahana. I am giving you another chance to win. Suicide point @ 6:30 pm.’

“And how did you know?” Rudra asked.“It was Aarav’s text. He sent me the same. But wait, how did Aarav know that I will be at Shimla?” I questioned.

“May be that girl, Priyali…” Rudra added.

“Oh my god… Aarav planned everything. Priyali knew about everything still she pretended like she doesn’t know anything.” I was literally shocked.

“Your best friend always makes a full-proof plan. Isn’t it?” He smiled and opened the book. There was a note in it, written by Aarav.

Love will take you to eternity,
If you will walk a step.

Love will make you live a thousand lives,
If you will give your just one Life to it.

Love will surely take your everything,
But then, Love will be the only one
which would be your everything.
I tried walking; walking a step,
I failed.

You walked it together.
Take it, it’s all yours
“Thousand miles… and a step of Love”

-Aarav (By god, this is written by me)

We both smiled and heard someone pressing a horn far away….


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