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Just Saying

Just Saying

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost (Re-inspire) by HAC

I was waking fearlessly on my path,
I was tired, a heart of wrath.
A stone interrupted my way to
I looked at it and stopped my
The way diverged to make two ways,
Which one to follow, my mind betrays.
I tried to look as far as I could,
It was all abundant, my mind
I sat down near the edge of stone,
I kept looking at the diversion, my
success postponed.
Both were equal, as the every ray of
Brightening the earth, still one
A road less traveled, another with
just strangers,
One with unknown, other with known
I finally decided to choose a random
I realized there was no benefit in
motionless stay.
I started my journey again to success,
It wasn't about choosing, it was
about the uninterrupted progress.

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