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Friday, 29 November 2013

December Diaries - Chapter 1

‘Wake up to my tunes baby, a new day awaits you.’ The alarm clock buzzed showing 7:00 AM. She parted her red weary eyes and slapped the buzzer off to spend some more time in her dream Paradise. Her snore got louder and sleep got deepened, just like any other day. Within next few minutes, the clock jumped again, buzzing louder this time. She knew this was the dead final call and if she missed it this time, she is going to have a hard day ahead.

‘Oh shit, I am late again.’ She panicked, as usual. She slipped her feet into pink piggy slippers and rushed towards the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, her silky straight hair laid messy and her sharp bright eyes seemed dull and weary, while her soft fair skin seemed radiant and supple as it bloomed with the morning freshness. She smiled at her reflection which widened her soft pink petal lips into a happy curve. She twisted the shower knob and got drenched in the warm artificial sprinkles which drained the tiredness out of her filling with freshness and newness.

She jumped, hopped, and even squatted to fit herself in those pair slim fit jeans. She pulled down a casual tee with a brown leather jacket above it to shield herself from a chilly December day. A bit of blusher and eye liner to embellish her already beautiful face and she was all set for the tiring day ahead.

She locked her apartment door behind and rushed down the stairs to get hold of her bicycle. She rode as fast as she could only to reach her college premises few minutes before the lecture began.

‘Joanna, you are late again.’ A voice rose behind her as she rushed towards the lecture hall. She turned towards the voice, although she knew who it was.

‘So are you, Jake. Run honey run before Mrs. Simpson grills us to death.’ She shot back and they both rushed to save their ass from being dismissed for a day. They apparently reached the lecture hall before their faculty, Mrs. Simpson could reach up and that for them was the biggest victory achieved for the day.

You see the girl sincerely jotting down her notes in her purple spiral? Yes, the same about whom I have been describing all this while now. She is Joanna. Joanna D’souza. An Indian by nationality struggling to live her dreams in this beautiful city of United Kingdom, London. It had been a year since she had moved to London to pursue with her management studies. After completing her graduation from a reputed Indian college in Mumbai, she thought of studying further. Well, this is just the half truth. The reality is that - she has a very loving, very caring, and very rich dad back in her hometown, Mumbai.

Wondering what’s the issue in that? I will tell you why. She had always been different and unique from all the rest. She had her own ways to do almost everything differently. An unexpected creature – that’s the word which defines her. No one knew at a particular moment how would she react, she was always an unsolved mystery, even to her dad. She loved her dad the most because he was the only family to her after her mother passed away of cancer when she was a fragile bud of eight. Since then, she had the tendency of staying away from everything she loved. She loved her dad the most, but always found ways to stay away from him. Only she knew why she had such ways to deal with someone she loved so much.

For the same reason, she demanded to fly to London for her studies. Her dad was reluctant but he gave up to her demand and wish for he loved her the most. Although being a rich daddy’s girl, she hated his money since ever. She thought of her dad’s money to be nothing but charity. Even here in London, the only money she took from her dad was for her college fees and for the rest all expenses, be it from her apartment rent to electricity bills to food expenses to misc on herself, she earned every penny of it. Independent, strong, and self sufficient she saw herself today at the age of twenty three.

‘I’ll catch up later guys. I am getting late for my shift. That fatso owner is a son of a bitch to melt with my charming smile. He would deduct my pay which I cannot afford.’ Joanna said to her friends loading the sling bag over her shoulder.

‘You have a super rich dad. I wonder what you worry for.’ Nathy poked.

‘He is my dad, not my bank. All I need is his love, not money. I have strength to earn, on my own.’ She winked and turned her back to rush out of the college campus. Soon, she reached to the nearest Subway outlet, her financing partner.

‘You are late honey,’ fatso owner said in his melodious voice. Tables were occupied, and he couldn’t afford to be rude in front of customers.

‘Sorry,’ Joanna winked, gripping her right ear. She slipped in the push door of Subway, pushing it inside with her ass and went straightly to change into attendant costume. She tied her hair with a band and wore a cap proclaiming ‘subway’

‘You can leave for your girlfriend’s home smarty, it’s my turn to feed the hunger turned zombies,’ she sang replacing her co-worker. He smiled in return because he was just about to leave for his girlfriend’s residence. ‘You are late and my girlfriend would be so going to kill me’

‘Have fun and don’t worry her dad won’t be coming home early tonight.’ Joanna winked again and looked at the fatso owner. Yes, her co-worker was dating his Hitler owner’s daughter only. Fatso owner used to screw him on the job and he used to payback him after his working hours.

‘Yes, what would you like to have sir?’ She started taking orders.

‘Which one is the cheapest one,’ A little chubby kid asked from the other side of the counter.

‘Aww.. you don’t look like a zombie. Tell me how much money do you have?’ She went Awe, looking at the little customer. The kid placed all the paper notes and coins on the counter. Joanna counted them; they were less.

‘Where is your dad?’ She asked the little kid.

‘He is at office. I don’t need his money. I can buy a sandwich for myself,’ He retorted, making cute expressions. Joanna saw herself in him. She didn’t like his dad’s money either. She swiped the currency and put them inside.

‘Payment done...! What would you like to have sir?’ She asked in her professional tone. She jotted down his order and made a fresh sandwich to serve him.

‘Here you go,’ She smiled and a little dimple dug into her cheeks.

‘Yes, what would you like to have Sir?’ she asked the next customer.
He was busy in tapping his thumb in his cell phone.

‘I would like to have a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich with one Red Bull,’ He replied still tapping in his phone.

A strange vibe of nostalgia hit Joanna. His voice resembled with the person very close to her. She disconnected her eyes from monitor and looked above for confirmation. He was wearing a black tuxedo underneath a coat with formal plated pants. He seemed enormously rich business tycoon out of his den. She recognized him as someone very special person from her past. Colors from her face hid behind the expression of shock.

‘Ar..Ary…’ She fumbled with wide opened eyes.
Getting no reply from the other side, the man finally angled his eyesight at her.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ the man spat. He didn’t look happy, recognizing her. It felt like she was the person whose memories had rubbed by him abruptly, long back. He didn’t wish to see her again, but when destiny plays, you have to relive the piece of memory you wanted to throw away from your sight.

‘Please cancel my order. I ain’t hungry anymore,’ He said and left the place.

She ran behind him out of the outlet and screamed, ‘Aryan, wait. Please listen to me once. I have been waiting for years to explain you something,’

He ignored her and walked to his car in the parking lot. Flashes from past pictured his head. All his healed wounds were hitting back. They were fresh all over again.
A siring of emotions made its way to Joanna’s heart. She had always been strong hearted and never remembered a single day she had cried. She felt her inner self ripping apart from the lost opportunity but she stood firm and strong.

Tear won’t leak down my eyes,
Held by the chain of Emotions;

An old friend to my heart,
met again.To share some beats,
allowing emotions break the chain.

It didn’t beat back. It walked away,
ignoring nostalgic inquiries
I was left alone; and He occupied a page
page of my December Diaries.

Drishti Dasgupta

Next chapter tomorrow @ 9.

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