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Just Saying

Saturday, 30 November 2013

December Diaries - Chapter 2

It had been over six years since she had seen him for the last time. All these years, she had waited for a single opportunity to meet him once again, to ask for his forgiveness for whatever she did to him. But every time she tried finding him, she miserably failed in doing so. No social networking site came to her rescue all this while and she accepted her defeat. Accepted that she won’t ever have a chance to apologize for the mistake she deliberately did. Today, that hope inside her rose again on seeing him in front of her eyes, she had a chance to let go of the burden of guilt she was living with, but she failed this time too.

She tossed and turned over her bed with no evidence of sleep in her eyes. She pulled the drawer beside her bed and took out a white hard bound diary embellished with colorful polka spots and purple feathers at borders. A silver calligraphy in the center proclaimed – Diaries of my life!

She turned to the recently bookmarked section – December Diaries, and penned the downpour of her emotions over the plain pages which have been her only loyal friend all this years. Soon, she closed her eyes as she cramped herself on the bed while hugging the diary close to her heart, and waited for the night to go by sparing her the horror of her own doings.

‘Sweetie, trust me. If it is in your destiny to meet him again and get his forgiveness, it would happen out of nowhere. Just wait and let your destiny play its part. Thinking of it over and over again won’t help. Getting me?’ Nathy consoled and Joanna nodded in affirmation.

‘Yep. May be Jake’s party tonight will help me getting over this.’

‘That’s exactly what I meant,’ Nathy continued. ‘Anyways, what’s up with Varun? He said you aren’t receiving any calls by him or replying to his text. He even went at your apartment but you didn’t open up the door for him.’

‘Who Varun?’

‘Shut up, girl. Varun, your - one, two, three… eighth boy friend.’

‘Oh that one! You won’t believe what he did.’ Joanna said casually.

‘What? Did he double date you?’

‘Double date and me? No way. That moron proposed me for marriage.’

‘What? Wow, seriously?’

‘Why did you wow at it? He is a loose nut. It’s been three months since we are dating and he wants to marry me and spend rest of his life with me in his native Patiala. He says he owns a pregnant Buffalo back in his village and he will name its calves after me, if it’s a male, he would be named John and if it is a female, he will name it Anna. I mean, do I look like a father of that would be buffalo that it would have my name? That’s gross.’

‘So you dumped him because he wants to name his buffalo after your name or because he wants to stay with you in that dunk or because he wants to marry you?’

‘Well, all of the above.’

‘Are you mad?’

‘I wonder you didn’t know that.’ Joanna winked and stood up. ‘Girlie, just tell him to forget me. No fucking guy falls in love in such a small time span. We were just pub partners and nothing else. He is confused and he just needs a drink. One drink down his throat and he’ll get his senses back. Ok?’

‘Yeah yeah, I buy that. Go get your ass off here now.’ Nathy acted.

‘See you at the party tonight, froggy.’ Joanna blew a kiss to her and ran towards the lecture hall.

The richest bastard among them - Jake was born today and his dad was too proud of this event. Joanna thinks ‘I mean what a proud thing, no?’ He succeeded in coming to this big world via that very small thing.

Sun toggled down in the west and they were walking in a palace called home, decorated with uncountable light bulbs and floodlights. As they stepped in, she saw a giant lobby homing thousand of guests. She wasted her childhood in thinking that how these big people (including her dad) remember every single person to invite in the celebration.

‘Happy Birthday Jake,’ Joanna said giving him a hug.

‘It will be happy when this beautiful lady with dance with me,’ Jake said like a gentleman and took a grip on Joanna’s hand.

Joanna smiled and stepped into the floor, ‘Stop acting like a gentleman, you are really a bad actor.’

Music in the surrounding was as soft as the grip of Jake on Joanna’s waist. They kept swimming along with the waves of music, ‘This bow-tie will make me die of suffocation. Fuck gentleman!’ He made it a little lose.

‘I don’t care. Look around, smart guys dressed like real men. Won’t you introduce me to someone?’ Joanna winked. She moved her head like a lion in the wild, looking at the prey.

‘Go grab the best,’ He winked back and pointed his hand towards pub.

Joanna got amazed seeing those handsome picks, holding glasses. ‘They have got a class,’ she said. ‘Are you coming with me?’

‘No, dad’s there, see… I better stay away from his business pals.’ He gestured with his eyes. She followed his sight and saw his dad next to his assistant and someone else, who was known yet unknown. Joanna’s jaw dropped and her heart beats raced faster. She overcame the numbness inside her and walked towards the pub leaving Jake clueless. She walked as faster she could. Destiny played its part - twice. It wanted them to meet, and she couldn’t have afforded to lose the moment.

‘Aryan…’ she fumbled with warmness in her voice.

He turned towards her and his face lost the artificial smile he had been holding since hours. The hatred and rage overflowed the pupils of his eyes. In a moment, Joanna became the center of attention as her beauty interrupted the so called business pals.

Aryan felt suffocated and stepped out of the place. She followed his footprints and finally stopped him. ‘Aryan, listen to me please.’ She begged.

‘Hello Miss Joanna. How are you?’ He replied in his professional tone, as if she was a client to him. He moved towards the isolated corner of the lobby, taking a sip of his glass and admiring the crescent moon above in the sky. He had lost the real Aryan in him. Now he was a professional, just a professional facing his past.

‘What is that you need now?’ He spat.

‘I need just ten minutes of your life. I want to tell you something since years. Please give me a moment to explain myself.’

He looked at her beautiful face with the same hatred, and said, ‘I am in no hurry to finish this drink. After finishing my glass, I will be going inside to get a new one. You have ample of time until then. You can bark…’

His rudeness did pinch and ripped her inside but she knew she had been responsible for the same. Gulping a lump, she began, ‘I am very sorry,’ and continued narrating him the time six years back, far away from this city to the other city coming in the boundaries of India - Dehradun.

Drishti Dasgupta
(Blogger at Maple Leaf)

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