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Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Teddy Bear Love Story Chapter-5

I had a bicycle but I did not know where her house was. Moreover, I never ride bicycle without my dad’s hand holding it from back. I had never walked out of the society. I could not just get to her anyhow. I ran to the land-line phone that we had in our drawing room and tried to remember  that how many buttons my parents dial every time they make call to someone. Six digits was the answer. It was easy, I had to pick the receiver of phone and hit any six digits. They would connect me to her as it connects my parents with the person they want to talk with. They just dial few numbers and talk to them. I picked the heavy receiver with my both hands, put it somehow near my chubby cheeks, and dialed my favorite six digits.
It made some noise and after few sounds, it connected to her. “Hello,” A female picked it up. She was sounding elder so I thought of greeting her first.

“Hello Anantika’s mom. Can I talk to Anantika,” I was nervous. It was first phone call of my life and was a first one to a girl.

“What number you dialed dear?” Anantika’s mother asked from other side.

“Sorry, I don’t remember. Can I talk to Anantika please?”

“Beta! You dialed a wrong number. I am sorry, there is no Anantika here,” Anantika’s mom said and hung up.

Why did she lie to me? Was she thinking that I was the reason of bad results in her Eye tests? I had no choice then thinking of another way to reach her. Tension resulted in try of skipping my meal. My mother didn’t like it and came in my room to feed me. When she arrived, my head was below my pillow. I was crying badly. I was missing her. The bloodstains I saw today in school made my thoughts weak. I was forced to think that she was not all right. She was in pain. Her screams were echoing in my head. The pain was palpable. 

“Why are you crying?” My mother asked without moving the pillow. She always caught it when I was crying.

“Mom, what is C..A..N..C..E..R..?” I left pillow and hugged more comforting person, my mother.

My mother’s eyes grew and her lips compressed her smile. Her face looked expressionless. I hugged her fatty tummy and started sobbing. “What it is mom?”

“Where did you hear this word?” My mother questioned in a low voice.

“A friend of mine has it,” I sobbed rubbing my head on her tummy.

“Who?” My mother whispered and hugged me back. She had tears in her eyes. Was it that bad? My mother doesn’t know about Anantika but still she was hurt somewhere. Was it something inhuman? I tried to picture Anantika in my head, but there were just bloodstains. Memories of her smiling at me were hiding behind the red color of pain.

 “She has it?” I pointed at the teddy bear, resting next to my school bag. I held my pain in me. I would tell my dad, my mom was weak, she cries a lot.

“Oh! From where you got this Teddy-bear? This is very pretty,” My mother tried to change the topic.

“Do pretty things have C..A..N..C..E..R..?” I asked innocently. Anantika was undoubtedly the prettiest girl of the class and her eyes were beautiful. Was that the reason she got C..A..N..C..E..R..? 

“It is Cancer. Do not worry, if the teddy bear has a cancer. We will take it to the teddy bear doctor. He will give your teddy bear an injection and then the teddy will be fine,” My mother explained and tried to comfort me.

“What if teddy has no money to pay Teddy Doctor’s fee?” I asked another question.

“Then, its father will pay the fee. Like we pay fee of your school,” My mother smiled. “Now, you will have to take food.”

“What if teddy has no father?” 

“Then we will ask your daddy to pay the teddy doctor.”

“Daddy will pay,” I was so happy hearing this that a smiled brushed on my face.

“He will pay if you will have your food,” She said and I jumped to my plate. I started eating quickly. The faster I would eat, the faster my Anantika will recover.

I had my food and I slept hugging my teddy Anantika; the teddy bear. My mother kissed my forehead and turned off the light. I skipped my favorite cartoon show that day. I just wanted to stay with Anantika. I wanted to be her hope that ensured that everything was okay and she would be no longer feeling the pain. I wanted to stay with her in her screams. I hugged the teddy tightly. It was Okay and so was I. I slept.

My Dad’s car horned and I ran outside to stop him. We had to go to Anantika. I forgot my teddy bear back in my room. I ran back to get it. When I reached the main gate, my dad were parking the car. I stopped him and tried hard to open the door. I failed and my dad opened it from inside. I put the teddy bear on the seat and sat down. I somehow managed to close the door.

“Daddy we need to go somewhere,” I put Anantika in my lap and said.

“Yes Captain Sarthak where are we taking this ship today?” My dad started the Car-Ship game. We used to play that game on car drives. I used to order him like a pirate captain and he used to follow my directions.

“Daddy, I want some money.” I demanded.

“How much?” He asked.

“How much needed to buy an injection of cencor?” I asked. In afternoon, my mother told me that doctor will give her an injection and she will be all right.

“What is Cencor..?” My dad asked.

“C..A..N..C..E..R..” I told him the spelling. It left my dad numb. 

“Who has it?”

“Anantika, my friend,”

“Oh my god! She is dying.” My dad shouted.  Now, what was ‘dying’? Another unfamiliar word to me but if my dad said something, I believed him. He is always right.

“Yes, She is dying,” I said with a smile. 


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