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Friday, 27 December 2013

A Teddy Bear Love Story Chapter-6

I told the whole story to my dad on our way. We went to school to take information about her. Classrooms were dark and deserted. We went to the reception and my dad inquired for her. He jotted down all the details and we came back to the parking lot.

“Do you want to buy something for her?” asked my dad.

I looked at the teddy bear I was holding and replied, “A new Teddy Bear,”

We stopped at a teddy bear shop and I took my time to choose a best teddy bear for her. No one looked cuter than I did. I managed to buy a brown teddy bear and my dad paid for the same. I unlocked the door and sat inside the car. Two teddies were resting on my lap. For a moment, again, Sarthak and Anantika were together. I held both the teddy bears in my arms and looked outside the window. I was missing her. I remembered the first day I saw her. I remembered the sorry card I made for her. I wanted to make one more card, for today. She was in pain and I couldn’t help her. I was sorry. Sorry that I couldn’t gift her the teddy bear made in Art and Craft class. I was sorry, sorry because I was supposed to be with her in her hard times and I was here all alone hoping that everything is all right.  

We reached the hospital and my dad parked the car. We went to the receptionist and asked for the Cancer ward. Early this morning she was taken to Emergency but when things came under control, she was shifted to cancer ward. It was a relief for me. We went in the lift and it dropped us on her floor. I was feeling nervous. I started sweating. Teddy bears were sliding along me. My dad found the room and we saw a woman near its door.

“Are you Anantika’s mother?” My dad asked. She nodded and looked strangely at him.

“I am Sarthak’s father. Our children are friend in the school.” My dad explained. Her mother looked at me. I greeted her and I was still struggling with teddy bears. I held them tightly and asked, “How is she now?” 

“She is good. You can see her,” Her mother opened the door. 

I was walking in but she called me from behind. I turned back to her mother.

“Will you miss her if she doesn’t come to school?” 

“She has to come to school. We have exams in few days. Last whole week she was absent and I was so worried. We have to work harder, if we want to become something in life. My dad says.” I bit my lips.

“What if there is no life?” Her mother wept.

“It can’t happen because my daddy never told me about this,” I said. Her mother sat on her knees and hugged me. I was very confused. I was looking too small to be wrapped in her arms. I stayed.
She left me in some time and I walked in.

“Hello Anantika,” I said. She was lying on her bed with closed eyes. As soon as she heard me, she opened her eyes. Blood dried away; doctors were magicians. She looked completely all right. I looked in her eyes. They were as beautiful as always. I wondered what her mother was saying about life. We make life, life doesn’t make us.

“Did injection hurt?” I asked.

“Not more than my eyes,” She blinked her eyes.

“They are beautiful, still they hurt.”

“I wish I had normal eyes. Beautiful things hurt more. I am sorry, I will also hurt you.” She seemed sorry. I didn’t understand for what she was sorry. 

“I bought you Sarthak,” I climbed her bed and sat next to her. I gave her the teddy bear I brought for her.
“I will keep it as a memory of you,” She said.

“If you are feeling good will you come to the school tomorrow. We have Art and Craft class; I will make you a new teddy bear.”

“I am not okay Sarthak. This disease will take me with it. I am dying,” She confessed.

“Yes, you are dying. My dad told me the same,” I smiled cutely. “You will be dying and then you will be completely alright to come back to school.”

“No Sarthak, this is a not a good thing. It is bad. There is no coming back. Maybe it is my last day, maybe tomorrow.” 

I had no idea what she was talking about. The word ‘Last’ reminded me of the promise I made to her this morning. When she said that this is the last drawing of her with me and I promised her that it is not. 

“They brought you bag here?” I asked. She nodded. I went to her bag and unzipped it to find a drawing book. It was there. I brought it to her, put it in her lap, and asked her to draw me something. She said she would draw me.

I distant myself so that she could get a clear view of mine. She started drawing.

“What does dying means?” I asked her.

“You don’t need to know that. You will understand it someday.” She said.

“I want to know please,” I forced.

“Dying is a place. Away from everything,”

“Just like Disneyland?” I asked with an ear-to-ear smile.

“Yes just like a Disneyland. I am so happy to go there that I won’t be coming back.” She looked up of her drawing book and smiled.

“I will miss you but I am happy that you are going to ‘Dying’. Can I come with you?” I asked, as I was always ready to go out and explore new things.

“No, I will go alone. I made you the picture and wrote you something but you have to promise me that you will open it after a week.”

“I promise” 

She gave me the picture and I bid her goodbye. I did know it was a last goodbye. She was going to ‘dying’ and I returned to home with my dad. I was in 3rd standard when I came to know the real meaning of ‘Dying’. She was right. She had to go alone but she made it to the other world so beautifully that I don’t miss her presence. I have my reasons to cherish. That was my story. A friend to Remember; my teddy bear love story.” Sarthak completed reading from the blank pages of his notebook.

Everyone was so touched with his story. Everyone was holding tears including the teacher who was numb. There were waves of grief in the class. Bell rang. The story took the whole period. English teacher hide her tears and moved out of the classroom. Sarthak closed his notebook and sat down on his seat.
“What was there in her last drawing?” His best friend asked.

Sarthak thought about the day he opened the drawing sheet. Tears trickled down his eyes and he said…


Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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