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Just Saying

Monday, 2 December 2013

December Diaries - Chapter 4

From the origin of love to its existence and its growth, their hearts took care of everything. That proposal at midnight in the church made their bond graceful. Jesus had always showered his blessings on them. With stem of trust and understanding, and with minute thrones of silly fights, the rose of their love gleam and would have been gleam until world to come. Half of their day used to spend in classrooms, other half in the library and nights? Well, their nights were as beautiful as the new born rabbit babies. After the dinner in hostel, both of them used to take an escape from their hostels and rest of the night was either spent among the burning candles in church or on the grass of their school’s cricket ground. They used to lie on grass and count the stars staring at them from above.

This happened several nights, when they dozed off on the ground and Sun replaced moon. Aryan started taking her as his family; the one he wanted to take care of. However, he never showed it. Because he knew that Joe was here to be free and independent. She wanted to take care of herself.

Cell phones weren’t allowed in hostel, still those little birds managed to have those brick Nokia phones, with long battery back-ups. They used to charge their phones in library or hostels, these two were the safest areas. ‘Drafts’ and ‘Saved messages’ folder was their treasure of those priceless messages sent to each other. More to it, Love was in those smiles they passed in classroom, the hands they held at water tanks, and the assignments they made together, those after exam parties in canteen. He specially went to the nearby cake bakery and placed the order of cake for her birthday. Her birthday was special and he made it more special with the lantern they spaced together. They cut the cake on the top structure of their school. It was risky, and because of the same reason it became memorable.

‘I have something for you.’ Aryan said. They were in the classroom and it was assembly time.

‘What it is?’ She leaned to the blackboard and he put his hand on the board and other hand on her waist. He pulled out a rose from his pocket and gave it to her.

‘From where you got it..?’ She asked as there wasn’t any chance to get the rose in school.

‘I plucked it from dean’s quarter. He is trying really hard to make these roses gloom.’ He chuckled.

‘You remember my first day in the school. You had said you have no teacher to teach you in morning assembly. Since that day, almost two years passed. Now, our school is ending and everything will be changed.’

‘Change is beautiful, if you have power to survive. Joe, a new life is waiting for us. And, right now we are in front of each other. So, we must cherish this moment.’ He said and hugged her more comfortably.

‘Then, I must teach you something no? Else your parents will say what your teachers taught you?’ She winked. He was about to say something, but Joanna placed her hand on his lips vertically.

‘This is your first lesson my favorite and only student.’ Aryan closed his eyes. Joe moved her lips towards his ones. Her hand was still there on his lips. She closed her eyes and kissed on her hand, above his lips. It wasn’t a lip kiss, it was more than it. They didn’t feel the touch of each other’s lips but they did feel the lips of their soul locking in each other. The kiss of souls was never as beautiful as it, before.

‘I Love you monkey.’ She said and hugged him tighter.

‘I love you too Joe,’ He put his hand in her hair from back and kissed her forehead.

Bell rang and the class behind the locked classroom was over. It was time for a new class; a new class of their life, leaving the school behind.

‘What do you plan to do next, Joe?’ Niah, her roommate asked.

‘Umm, graduation may be and then go for an MBA like many others.’ Joanna replied throwing herself over her bed.

‘Hmm. And what about Aryan?’

‘He’ll go back to Delhi and then, umm, I don’t know.’

‘Wow. That’s interesting! By the way, do you really love him?’


‘Are you seriously serious about him?’


‘So you’re going to have a long distance relationship at the age when the only right you have is to vote?’ Niah narrowed her eyes.

‘Yes, baba. What’s wrong in that?’

‘Nothing. I am just wondering how you can be so stupid.’

‘What you mean?’

‘I mean, love is bullshit! Whatever you have with Aryan may be infatuation or may be attraction or may be lust. Who knows? Once you’ll get apart and you’ll realize what a relationship is. It’s a big responsibility. It won’t be fun anymore. Although you’ll sleep under the same open sky, you’ll be miles apart, and who knows if he finds another partner to share the sky like you do now?’

‘He loves me Niah, he won’t ever do that.’ Joanna flunked her words casually.

‘He loves you now, honey! Tomorrow when you won’t be at his sight, his so called love will fade away into thin air. That’s what happens. Believe me, get some senses and leave him! Close his chapters before you go home, because anyways, it would be closed sometime later and that, won’t be very pleasant to you.’ Niah shot, quite seriously this time.

Joanna wasn’t someone gullible but Niah’s words had made some sense to her. As the night darkened, Joanna found herself embracing in the arms of realization. She realized that Aryan was a sweet heart and they liked spending time with each other, but did that mean it was love? May be it wasn’t. May be Niah was right. The next week, she had to leave for her home and before that, she had known what she had to do. She had made her choice.

‘Aryan, we need to talk something serious.’ Joanna said lying on the grass looking at the star studded sky.

‘I know what you have to say,’ Aryan spoke softly and held her hand.

‘Oh really? And what is that I want to say?’

‘You want to say, that tomorrow we will be leaving for our homes and we won’t be spending our days together cherishing each other’s smiles or nights cherishing this naked sky. May be we’ll die to see each other, may be we’ll have a hard time understanding each other through all these distance, and maybe we won’t work it out anymore,’ he said.

‘That’s exactly what I mean,’

‘I know. But now I have no choice of backing out. I am so much into you that if you move away, I would break. I would get shattered into pieces. I haven’t imagined my future as mine, I have imagined it as ours.’

‘Aryan, let’s be practical. Things does not work the way we want to.’

‘Shshh… don’t waste this moment worrying, we should rather live this moment. It is the last we would have in our life. Isn’t it?’

‘Hmm,’ she nodded vaguely.

‘Close your eyes,’ he said and got himself seated.

‘Now, open.’

She opened her eyes and he flaunted a tiny silver colored shimmery star shaped pendent hooked inside a thin chain. It was entirely simple yet so beautiful.

‘This is heavenly beautiful,’

‘Think of it as a part of sky we have spent our time under.’ he said, and placed his lips onto hers. The lips met and the hearts got drenched in the most unadulterated form of love. She closed her eyes and tears shimmered out, not because of the kiss, but because she was leaving him. That was the first kiss of her life. Aryan had made sure he left his imprint on someone he called ‘mine’.

She could not gather up the courage of leaving him that night, nor the next morning. Aryan was completely convinced by the fact that they would be meeting twice a year and talk on cell phones almost throughout the day. Joanna knew how impractical and immature that was; therefore she had some better ways. She tore a page from her notebook and penned her thoughts within.

‘Don’t worry at all, I will come to see you as much as I can. Ok?’ Aryan said his final words before bidding a good bye to Joanna.

‘Hmm,’ she nodded.

‘And, we would conquer these boundaries of miles to be together forever.’

‘And, I love you. I always will. Although we’ll be miles apart, our hearts would be just as close to each other as they are now.’


‘And now, you can stop hmming and go.’ He kissed her forehead and hugged her tight. She tried to fake a smile and sat inside the car.

‘Aryan, do check your right pocket.’ She said as the car moved ahead to leave. He stood there, smiling and sniffed his hand inside his  pocket.

Drishti Dasgupta
(Blogger at Maple Leaf)

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