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Saturday, 7 December 2013

December Diaries – Chapter 9

December Diaries – Chapter 9

She bowed down and picked up the fallen note. She looked at it and tried remembering if it belonged to her. It didn’t. She kept the Diary over the desk, and unfolded the paper note. As her eyes began reading the inked words, her hands began shivering and her heart beats seemed they would cease to beat in no time. A strange vibe of fear and betrayal rushed through her nerves making her numb from all the sensations. She wasn’t just broken, she was dead! The left over part of a human that was surviving inside her had died leaving her soul-less.

She fell over the bed as she struggled for breath. She wasn’t crying. Not yet. She was shocked. Her senses had got a blow. She could not believe how a person can fake his love for so long. Yesterday, it almost seemed she was going to have a new life with Aryan. But that was just a dream which was now broken, thrashed, and murdered. Suddenly, she began laughing. Her laugh was the voice of her broken heart. She felt the same as Aryan must have felt six years back. Actually, she felt worse. She hadn’t left Aryan the way he did. She hadn’t faked her love like he did the past day. His revenge destroyed every bit of hers. His revenge was far more cruel than what she had done to him in the past.

‘You’re amazing!’ She screamed.

‘You are amazing, Aryan Suri. You destroyed me completely. You thrashed the tiny piece of soul left in me. This was the best revenge ever. You won! 

Congratulations, you son of a bitch!’ She yelled at the top of her voice, and broke down. Her cries became louder and louder. Her heart was too small to refuge the ample of pain she was going through. She had an outburst of emotion. She couldn’t control anymore. She stood up to reach her cell phone. Her hands shivered as she began typing the text.

“You’re amazing! This couldn’t have been any better. It’s just to let you know, that I hate you too. I disgust you rather. We won’t see each other again, I promise. Good bye!” she texted to Aryan and threw her cell phone over the wall, which then broke into pieces, just like her heart.

She dragged herself down to the floor as she hauled and screamed and cried. But this time, no one was around her to help her stand. She was left alone, all alone. She looked at the note once again, which had the harshest of the words she could ever read.

“Dear Joanna aka Ms Slut,
So you wanted a day to spend with me so that I can forgive you? Do you think it was so easy? Do you have any idea how I have passed those six years of my life? Well, why would you care, you were busy sleeping around. Isn’t it? By the way, don’t you feel disgusting to sleep with every next guy you get? Doesn’t your body feel like a lousy market where anyone can walk and leave their mark? Anyways, I don’t care about that too. This note is just to let you know that I hate you from the core of my heart. I wonder how I can love a slut like you. Feeling bad? Feeling broken? Well, actually I had felt the same once. Now, it’s your turn. Anyways, please don’t feel used at all. Things that are already used several times are already known as “Used”. You know what I mean. Hope to never see your shit face again. Goodbye Ms so called Joanna.”

She sobbed and recalled the previous night. She had rather proved to Aryan she wasn’t a slut. He was the one owning her. How could he just be so cruel? She had realized that Aryan must have slipped the note into her diary when she left him alone in her room and went to brew some coffee. That actually didn’t matter her. The things that mattered were that he still hated her and he had faked his love the past day only to get her into the bed. She felt used. She did. She began screaming again and wanted to end her life. She had no reason to live, not anymore. She pulled her drawer to take the bottle of sleeping pills out of it. She had stocked them since ever just to get some sleep forgetting the memories of Aryan. But this time, she wanted to sleep forever, and forget him, forever! She gulped half the bottle of the pills and soon, she began losing her consciousness. She was drained and she went dry, dry of tears that were the reflection of her pain.

The last thing she remembered before losing entire consciousness was that, that Jake came running to her rescue and picked her in his arms as he escorted her to the hospital.


Aryan waited for his love to come. Joanna had promised him that she would come. He remembered nothing else about last night except Joanna and her promise. He waited until the last moment before leaving. No one was there. He cursed himself to fall in love again. He didn’t want to, but somewhere he fell in love. Now, he wanted to see Joanna. He was missing her badly.

Joanna didn’t come, instead she dropped a message to him. He read the message and exploded with anger. He was all red. Yet, he tried one last time. He called her number. “The number you are trying to call is not reachable.” He pushed the phone in his pocket.

He gave up. Destiny played its part again. It brought them together but then Jesus made them apart, again. He had no tears in his eyes. He had just regret, regret to fall in love with her all over again. It was a mistake.

“It was a mistake.” He screamed. Airport staff looked at him scarily. He scared everyone around. He then realized where he was “Sorry,” He uttered and forced a smile.

He went to board the plane. Air-hostess guided all the passengers to turn off their cellphones. Aryan looked at the screen. He was expecting, that one message or call that could rewrite the ending of their story. He glared at the screen for some time and then switched off his cellphone. History repeated itself. Story of Aryan and Joanna ended. The December Diaries   reached its last page. No more pages dedicated to their love story, no more pages about love. It all ended.

Flight took off and he tried to sleep. The Journey was hardest. He was going away from Joanna. Sleep cheated him and he kept thinking of her. This time he was never going back. No more cards of destiny to were to be played. He landed and decided to settle down to India.

25 days later:

Joanna looked herself in mirror. She appeared broken. She had learned to live a life without Aryan.  Now, he no longer bothered her thoughts. She was happy or maybe she told herself every day that she was happy and now that lie became her belief.

‘You look beautiful.’ Jake entered the room. She turned and stepped to hug him. They hugged each other. Jake had taken her to the hospital that morning and since then he was taking care of her. He gave her a second life and made sure she lives every bit of it. His love never came with demands. He just cared for her and stayed with her in her hard times.

‘We were about to leave for a new year eve party and you took so long that it’s already 11:55 pm.’ He showed her the time.

‘Oh! I am so sorry,’ She almost forgot the time.

‘We are not going for a party now. Let’s go on terrace and enjoy the crackers decorated sky.’  He took her arm in his, and took her to the terrace. She looked at the city. It was celebrating. She then looked at the church visible from there. She remembered something. She was about to cry but then the crackers started lighting the night.

‘Happy New Year’ entire London screamed simultaneously.

‘Joanna, I love you.’ He said. Joanna couldn’t believe what she had just listened. However, she knew Jake’s feelings but she wasn’t expecting this. She turned to Jake.

He was on his knees, holding a ring in his hand. His eyes filled with hope. Joanna looked into his eyes. They were expecting the reward of the time he spent in loving and caring for her. She knew Jake would never leave her. His eyes reminded her of Aryan’s. The same eyes, with the same hope – of getting a forever. She didn’t want to crash those hopeful eyes this time and then, she decided rest of her life’s journey with him.

‘Will you marry me?’ he asked.

She cried her heart and whispered ‘Yes.’ It was the beginning of her new life.
On the other horizon of Earth, somewhere in India, celebrations had already started. Aryan and his friends had planned a party in the bar. They all met up at the time and Aryan was four shots down.

‘Hey Aryan,’ Akash joined him in the pub.

‘Hey Akash, How are you buddy?’ He replied.

‘I am awesome. Dude! You tell how the ass of that hot bitch was.’ He winked.

‘Who bitch?’ Aryan asked confused.

‘Joanna dude! How was your revenge?’ He said and asked bartender for a drink.

“Joanna, the revenge,” His mind paced up. His heartbeat started beating fast and he shouted “Oh Shit! I forgot about that note.” It seemed his world stop moving. How could he be so dumb. How could he let go of her this time when destiny wanted them to meet. Excitement and anger altogether covered his senses and he immediately ran out of the pub leaving all his friends in daze.


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