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Sunday, 1 December 2013

“Pleasure of Sex” versus “Pain of Hunger” By Sobhan Pramanik

“Pleasure of Sex” versus “Pain of Hunger”

By Sobhan Pramanik

The flame reluctantly glowed over the last piece of timber they managed to put together to fight cold that night. Soft flakes of snow like a summer drizzle kept pouring from the dimly lit sky and the otherwise green foot hills of the Siwalik’s, now looks like an art paper untouched by its artist.

Held above the shutting flame, on a thin bamboo streak was their supper for the night; hind limbs of a lamb. From the tint of the flesh, one could say it was a long way to go to be roasted fully and the strong winds that constantly rose from the pine woods to threaten the fire was making sure that they sleep the night over two cans of beer, yet again.
The pain of empty stomach could be felt well in their demeanour.

He was visibly afraid. His heavy breaths blurred his vision with a dense cloud of smoke staggering its way out of his mouth. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes who sat contracted on a rectangular piece of rock. In her eyes was the colour of the timidly glowing fire and her drooping face, portrayed the cry of hunger.

Snow fell harder with every passing second and the blades of winds, turning sharper with every drift. He tried his best to keep the fire burning but didn't succeed. From the extinguished heap of charred timber started to rise serpentine curls of smoke and their dinner remained half roasted.
It was the second night on the trot that they were to retire to the tent dumping their system with sour beer. But none of them complained. Their togetherness fought bravely with the rebellious hunger within.

Lying close to each other under a thick cottony quilt, they kissed compassionately till they ran out of breath.

He then stretched out his hand and in one go unzipped her furry coat till her navel. Her slender body underneath had the wrap of a wheatish skin, whose elevations and depressions remain erotically hidden behind her dark petite lingerie. Everything in her resembled the prey of the carnally spirited animal in him.
She felt exposed and clanged tightly onto him. Her svelte physic in his embrace looked like a jigsaw piece at its desired place. Holding onto him tightly her fingers on his back moved in absolute frantic. He lowered his head on her bosom and her cologne in turn ignited a fire of lustful desire in him. The excitation gave birth to a hard kiss on her soft breast, as the cold air in the tent reverberated with a shrill moan of pleasure.

She grabbed him harder by his shoulders this time, her manicured nails digging into his skin beneath. They rolled to the other side of the mattress pressing the mountain grass beneath, as she gets on top of him. She bent down and sucked hard on his cold struck lips. Their vigour was in proportion to the snowfall outside. Both intensifying with the passing moment. Tasting her tongue inside his mouth, he slid his chapped fingers beneath the straps of her brassiere and flicked. It seductively descended down her shoulders, setting free her breasts which he lecherously licked onto. He could feel her supple nipples stiffen in the wetness of his saliva.
His hurried breathing and her sensuous submission had pleasure written all over it.

With the cells of their body starving since the past two days, their crave to explore each other was unimaginable. When people would have succumbed, they arose. When people would have cursed the time, they utilized it. When people would have turned slaves to their hunger buds, they chose to master the slaves of lust in them. They did everything odd yet they managed to live. Because sometimes being odd makes you evenly happy and being in love is one such odd thing.
Treading over the highest orbits of their respective orgasms, they come face to face for the final time to embrace their sweaty bodies. After which began his pelvic thrusts between her invitingly spread legs that proceeded in harmony with her pleasurable agony.

The air in the tent kept switching alternatively between sounds of her satisfied moans and his labored grunts.
Witnessing their love making session in form of silhouettes on the skin of the tent, were the chain of snow laden mountains projecting up the sky.

They fall asleep hungry yet satisfied in the darkness of the tent, the slanting roof of which had turned opaque to the dim light of the sky due to the dumping of snowflakes over it.

Their love, their togetherness, their innate desires and their compatibility had finally won them a living in the most torrid circumstances.

                         By - -- Sobhan Pramanik

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