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Just Saying

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pre-release review of My Glass Of Wine

"Of the many forms that silence takes, the most memorable is the dry husk of the cicada.” ― Jon Davis

"When Kiriti Sengupta approached me for review, I was little hesitant. I must not end up being judgmental but then a book review is always subjected to personal judgment of the reviewer through her experiences of fine reading. 

You'll not only have a heady drink of "cascading thoughts, gliding ideas and effervescent memories", but also dive into a narrative of common man's life who has taken the road less traversed.

Being an existentialist by nature, I, quite involuntarily get into the basics of an idea, of a thought or even a metamorphosis. It sort of reinstates my earthing with the apparent and the imaginary. When I walked into the insides of Kiriti's work, I felt that reassurance once more. I believe it is quite simple to be complicated and complicated to be simple, eloquent and mellifluous. The way Kiriti has purposefully retained ordinariness in his language is a show of humility with innate sense and respect for the aesthetics. 

Kiriti has very precisely mentioned about the inflamed serenity of North Bengal. If Bengalis were birds, they would reject the urban offers of Kolkata to find their exclusive nests on the tip of North Bengal's pines and vegetation. He even employs pithy to denote the earnest of not 'being God'. 

"Thankfully I was named (Kiriti) after an important character of the Mahabharata. And he was no god."

In this beautiful sojourn of a writer's personal encounters of life, Kiriti has imbibed in him the art of "preparing Ghee out of milk." Pg. 55. A good meal of prose and poetry leaves you with a lingering aftertaste of good literature. Kiriti, I am sure will continue to develop his art of storytelling in days to come and with newer dimensions that would make reading the 'in-thing' for a wider mass. 

I would leave you with this beautiful excerpt from 'Southern Affiliation' ~

"Faulty are my limbs,
they tilt even on the steady floor;
I readily realize
it is all in my mind
as the sky swings." Pg. 51 "
Linda Ashok 
Poet, Founder-President
Rædleafpoetry India 

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