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Just Saying

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 12, by Nisha Raj

Soon Shanaya was totally fine by now. So we came back to Ahmedabad.  I was the happiest person in the world. I had everything a person wants in his life. 

It was new year’s eve. Everyone was praying to god for a better life and a better year ahead. I was with Shanaya praying to god.

‘Thank you god for giving my life a new life.’ I said as we sat in the temple.

‘Do you know who gave me a new life?’ Shanaya asked suddenly.

‘No I dont, do you know?’ I asked her quiet surprised.

‘Yes, I know.’ She said with a spark in her eyes.

‘Who?’  I asked.

‘Meera.’ She said looking into my eyes.


‘Yes, she loved you 9 years back and loves you today also. No in this world can love you more than she loves you. Not even me or not even you. You never understood her love. But yet she loved you selflessly without expecting your love in return. I knew she loved you the day when we had that accident. She was in ICU I had read her diary from  her purse. There was not a single page in her diary where she didn’t mention how much she loved you. And when you told me I got a donor I knew it was her. I went to meet her and asked why she was doing this? And you know what I got the most beautiful answer in my life. She said that she loved you beyond any limits and you are his life. But your life is in me. So she was in turn just saving your life. She said she can’t see you getting away from your love. She said she was suffering from brain tumor so she was to die anyway. So better to die this way than to die without any purpose. She is the best person I had ever known. She has a letter for you  Abhi. Read it.’ Shanaya had tears in her eyes when she completed saying.

And I was shocked. Meera taught me the real meaning of love. Now I understood why people say, ‘To love is to sacrifice.’ I took the letter from her and read.

‘Dear Abhi,

I am leaving. It’s my time to go. For the second time, but this time never to come back. 9 years back when I tried committing suicide I thought this was the end, but then I realised that there is always something beyond the end. But the important thing is you need to know what it is. That day I realised, there was still some purpose left in my life that’s why I was still alive. Look I served the purpose. Shanaya is a nice girl. See I will always be with you now because my heart is with her. Everytime you will see her breathe I know you will remember me. YES, I still love you. But you were never mine. But who said love means staying together? I will always be with you, not physically. We were never together but never apart.....Have a beautiful life ahead.

Someone who loved you always,


And I fell in love, but this time not with Shanaya, but with Meera. But she was not with me. She always said to me that the day you will realise how much I love you I will not be with you. And she was right as always.


I was in tears when Abhimanyu completed his story. 

‘It is 2 months since Meera is no more, but she never died. She is alive, her heart beats in Shanaya’s body. And look she made me fall in love with her.’ Abhimanyu said emotionally.

After Abhimanyu left I thought that the story needs to be shared, because its not a mere story. I could not do justice to Meera’s feelings or Abhimanyu’s but I just finished it. And you all are reading it. 

Remember true love never dies even if it is one sided.....

*The End*

By Nisha Raj

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