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Monday, 6 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 2, by Nisha Raj

'Shreeji, Hany, Margina, Megha...........guys fast...its 8:30 mess will be closed in 15 minutes and we need to reach the college at time.' I shouted.

'Just a minute Meera, dont worry we wont be late.' Shreeji my newly made best friend said on the top of her voice from her room.

Oh ya sorry I forgot to introduce you to my new group, Shreeji, Hany, Margina, Megha and me. Yes we are a group. Its been a week in the college now and they are my collegemates, hostelites and above all my new best friends. Maybe it was too quick to say that they are my best friends but still there was something which connected me to them. They all are from Idar a small place on the map of Gujarat. I never knew I would be able to get along with them since I was totally opposite to them. I was the one who lives on all the kind of junkfood, CCDs, malls, multiplexes and all. And they were the ones who liked normal food, entertainment to them meant the typical tv soaps. But than I remembered the physics law that opposites always attract and we were poles apart, still together. Maybe thats what you call friendship.

'Meera why are you sitting like a statue. Dont you wanna have breakfast.' Margina asked rather surprised seeing me in an awkward state.

'Do you think I am gonna eat this food. Its just horrible. You all have it I dont want to eat.' I said rather disgusted seeing the food.

'You will feel hungry in the class than. Atleast have the milk.' Hany and Megha almost nagged me.

'The water is better than this milk. We should better go now if you all have finished. Or Mrs. Dixit will screw us.' I said

We all sat in the lecture hall waiting for our anatomy lecturer Mrs. Dixit to come and make our already screwed up life more screwed. 

We all stood in fear rather than respect as she entered.

'I didnt get a word in my head I was feeling just so sleepy.' Ahana said.

'I found it interesting yaar she is really good. Anyways I would join the discussion later I have some work. Byee.' I said leaving them to continue their gossip.

I entered the library only to find him already there. Maybe he too was looking for a reference book in anatomy. I also started searching for the same. 

'So found any book?' he asked me rather sweetly.

'No...oh...I mean yes.' I said.

It was the first time we were talking. He was Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu Roy to be precise. My first outlook on him being high on attitude changed as our conversation followed. 

'Did you find any book?' I asked.

'Nope, I have no idea which book to refer?' he said.

'I think you should go for B.D Chaurasia, best reference for anatomy.'

'Thanks, I will look for it.' he said as he again started searching. It was 1:00 pm by than and my time to reach mess. 

Time passed now our group included some more people. Abhimanyu, Arjun, Meet and Kush were also in our group now. We all were together for everything whether it was partying, celebrating anyone's birthday, going out, watching movies or bunking class. We were always together. Ours was a gang. I was changed totally I was no more a reserved person. Only one thing remained the same today also I topped my exams as before. 

Everything was going well life was just perfect. But than everything started changing from that day.

It was like any other normal day. I was in the class as usual chatting with everyone and suddenly it seemed as if the world before me went dark I couldnt remember what happened next. When I opened my eyes I was in the emergency ward of our college hospital and everyone standing around me. I couldnt make out what happened or how I ended up here. But most important thing that I didnt knew was that it was just the beginning, more was yet to come.

Some incidents just change our life. And than no matter how much we try we just end up worsening the things.

Read  Next Chapter here


By Nisha Raj


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