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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 3, by Nisha Raj

'What is all this? What happened to me?' I asked totally bewildered.


'You fainted when we were chatting, we tried waking you up but it was of no use, so we informed the faculty and brought you here.' Shreeji said in a tensed voice.

'Nothing to worry about young lady, its just because of the weakness maybe you are not having your food properly that it nothing serious.' the doctor said patiently after fully examining me.

I was discharged after sometime. Soon days passed and all of us forgot about this. We were now excited for the freshers party that was to be held the next week. Everyone had to perform some or the other thing that was the rule. We all were busy preparing for it.

'So Abhi what are you going to do for the freshers?' I asked him curiously.

'Nothing' he said without any change in his expression.

'What do you mean?' I asked rather taken aback by his curt reply.

'Can you imagine me dancing or singing or something like that. This all is totally not my cup of tea I tell you Meera, so I am not coming. You people can do anything you like.' and without even waiting for my answer he just went away.

'This guy is really strange. Anyways let me concentrate on my drama.' I mentally uttered.

I was going to perform a drama some were going to sing and some decided to dance.

Soon the day of doom arrived, we all were nervous.

The party started with calling everyone one by one.

'Next will be Abhimanyu Roy who will be singing a song.' the seniors announced.

I was thinking what was he going to sing, afterall he turned up at the last moment.

'Pani da rang vekh k....

Pani da rang vekh k...' He was singing.

I just couldnt supress smiling rather say laughing. Because he was singing badly, or say horribly. Everyone was shocked and trying to control their laughter not to offend him. But all this are the memories which make your life worthwhile. If you are just perfect and you do everything just perfectly life is of no meaning. I would say there would be no difference between we the living people and the so called non living machines. Party ended at a good note leaving us some beautiful memories to cherish.

Now our department seemed to be a family. Seniors, juniors and faculty everyone was together now.

But as someone said a coin has two sides, we had seen only the better side. The worse was yet to come.

And it all started with the beginning of winter. I continuosly started falling ill. I would have one or the other complaint sometimes I would faint or have difficulty in breathing or end up with cramps all over my body.

The day after it was my birthday and I was in the hospital. My parents came and took me away. I cried. Because I wanted to spend my birthday with my friends. But they had to take me away keeping in mind my condition. I had to skip the whole January month from the college for my treatment. We were consulting a neurologist after I was diagnosed with partial sezeiure problem. Soon the medicines started which had all kind of side effects. But still I was happy that now atleast I could go back to the college.

'We missed you so much yaar...' everyone said.

'I too missed you all, but now I am back.' I said excitedly.

'Hey everyone its my birthday and we all are going out for a treat. So get ready fast. We are leaving at 7:30.' Hany came and announced.

'Yippee......many many happy returns of the dear. May you have many more years to come.' I said hugging her.

'You all go I am not coming.' Shreeji said. 

I looked at her totally shocked. We all were best friends and I couldnt imagine such a reaction from her.

'But why?' we all said almost instantly.

'No I am not feeling well so you people can go.' she said.

Everyone tried convincing her but it was of no use. Hany almost cried. And my mood changed instantly. I was very sad. First I couldnt get the reason why she was doing this and second it was just not justified. I had always been very possessive about my friends, and I couldnt see Hany the way she was right now. Everyone moved out without saying a word. We got ready and arrived at the Hotel The Landmark. As I sat on the chair my cellphone beeped. 

'I am really sorry Meera' it was a text message from Shreeji.

 'You should be sorry to Hany and not me for spoiling her mood today. And I just cant forgive you for this' I texted her back and as I did that a tear slipped down from my eye.

Abhimanyu saw this.

'Meera is their anything wrong?' he asked quite concerned.

'Nope its just my mood. I am not feeling good.' I said.

'Come with me' he said. And he took me out of the hotel.

'Ok now tell me what happened?' he asked me.

'Abhi its this Shreeji I dont understand why she is doing this. I really value our friendship and our group and I just dont wanna loose anyone thats it.' I said with almost tears in my eyes.

'Its ok Meera it happens. No relation is perfect. It has its ups and downs but we need to hold on. Thats life.' he spoke tenderly. And than he continued explaining me that things can go wrong in life but important thing is we need to mend it.

And that was the day when my life took turn. Abhi and I became better friends from that day.

Relations are always valuable than our ego. So never let your ego come in between your relation.



Read Next Chapter here


By Nisha Raj


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