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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 5, by Nisha Raj

As usual after having our boring and tasteless dinner in the mess we  were going back to our hostel. Suddenly I started feeling dizzy and I sat down there on the pavement itself. 

'What happened Meera? Are you fine? Is anything wrong?' Margina asked me quite worried on seeing my condition.

'I am feeling dizzy and my chest is paining like hell. I cant walk. It feels as if I will fall down the moment I will stand.' I said with great difficulty.

'Ok I will call someone. Just remain awake.' Margina said.

Actually that day Shreeji, Hany and Megha didnt come to have dinner so only Margina was with me.

'Hello Abhimanyu, fast Meera is not keeping well. I think we need to take her to the hospital. You please come near the mess we are waiting.'

'I am coming be there.' Abhimanyu said.

After about 10 minutes Abhi came on his bike.

'Come fast Meera,sit we need to go to the hospital.' Abhi said

'No I dont want to go the hospital, just drop me back to the hostel.' I said.

'But your condition is not good we should get a check up with the doctor.'

'No I dont want to go the hospital.'

'Just shut up and sit I said we are going to the hospital do you get that no arguments.' He shouted on the top of his voice.

People walking on the street turned around to see us. I sat on his bike quietly I was totally shocked by his behaviour.

'Do you also need a invitation to sit?' he asked Margina.

'How dare you talk to me like this. Dont you ever come to see me in the hospital again. I just dont want you.' I said with tears flowing from my eyes.

It was our first fight. Actually you cant call it a fight but it was the first time I got upset because of Abhi.

I was admitted in the ICU yet again following my breathing difficulty and severe chest pain. Everyone from our group arrived by then. It must have been near about 4 am in the morning when I was discharged. Abhi came in front of the hospital on his bike waiting for me.

'I would prefer walking to the hostel rather than going with him.' I said angrily to Shreeji.

'Please Meera come on now please sit.' Abhi requested.

I kept walking and he kept driving slowly beside me trying to convince me.

'You know Meera, when I called Abhi to come here he was in the mess. He left his food and came here. He was here the whole night. I know you felt bad but he is your friend. He has a right on you. After all he is the one who always comes for you whenever you are admitted.' Margina explained me the situation.

'Oh god what have I done?' I half muttered to myself. I rushed to my room took my cell phone and messaged him.

'I am really sorry Abhi, I didn't know that you came without having your food. Really sorry.'

'Its ok dear. No offence.' he texted me back and I was relieved.

Days followed and then months our friendship just became more and  more deep. And it was not long time that I realised that I loved Abhi. But I didn't wanted to loose our friendship by bringing love in between all this. So I decided not to tell him anything.

Soon our university exams neared. 

It was the day forms were to be filled up for our exams. Everyone was sitting in the class waiting to fill up the class.

I was talking with Abhi when Arjun came up.

'Meera if you get time from Abhi you can talk with rest of the people too.' Arjun taunted me.

'What do you mean I talk with everyone.'

'Yeah....we know that. Abhi is your special friend we are just no one.' he said trying to tease me.

But I felt really bad and I went away from there. Abhi came following me.

'What's the matter Meera? He was just joking.' Abhi said

'Just leave me alone I don't want to talk with anyone.' I said sadly.

'Ok come with me we will talk over this.'

And he took me to the stairs which lead to the terrace. We both sat there.

'Now tell me I know this is not the matter there is something else that is going on in your mind. So tell me.' he said holding my hands.

'Its nothing. Its just that I can't pay attention anywhere.'

'And what's the reason behind all this?'

'I think I love someone but I am afraid.'

'Whoa....thats great. Who is the lucky guy?'

'I can't tell you that, it will affect our friendship.'

'I promise you nothing will affect our friendship whoever be the person.'

'No I can't tell you.'

Just then his cellphone rang.

'We will talk about it. The forms are ready lets go.' he said.

We went. But I was scared about what I just told to him.

And it all began that day.....

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By Nisha Raj

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