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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 8, by Nisha Raj

When she completed her story I just couldn’t know what to say. I thought that this was the end of Meera and Abhimanyu’s story. I can’t say it a love story because Abhimanyu never loved her. He cared for her. They were best friends. But some stories are different and if you think that it is just another story of love, rejection and suicide than you are wrong because this was not the end. It was a beginning. A beginning of something new. 
Meera was discharged from hospital after few days and as everyone says life never stops. I moved back to my own world and Meera to her own.

You will think what can happen next, but I will like to remind everyone that, this was just Meera’s love. Abhimanyu’s love is still left.
9 Years Later.....

I was sitting on the couch in my house reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. I got up to open it only to find a stranger standing in front of me. I felt I knew him but I had never seen him before. He sensed my agitation and introduced himself.

‘Hello, I am Abhimanyu Roy.... maybe Meera told you about me.’ The stranger spoke.

‘Ohh...yes please come in.’
We sat. I didn’t knew what to say. So I began casually.

‘So how come you are here I mean, yours and Meera’s chapter ended 7 years ago, right?’

‘No, Abhimanyu and Meera’s story can never end. True love never dies, it never ends. I came here because Meera wanted me to tell you the rest of our story.’ There was pain in his every word.

‘Oh please go on...’
And he began........


I knew Meera loved me but I never realised how much she loved me. After that incident my parents asked me never to talk with her and as I had no feelings for her it never bothered me. I stopped talking to her but she was dying each and everyday. It was difficult for her to forget me as we were in the same class and saw each other daily. She never had courage to talk to me. At some occasions she did try talking to me but I never responded. 

Finally the day arrived when our college life was over. Everyone went there own way and I never thought that I would ever meet Meera again in my life. I soon forgot her and I fell in love with Shanaya, she was a fashion designer. I met her through a mutual friend. She too loved me and our lovestory was perfect.

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By Nisha Raj

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