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Monday, 13 January 2014

Beyond The End...Chapter 9, by Nisha Raj

I was madly in love with Shanaya, I couldn’t even imagine my life without her. My career was also well set now. With my hard work I had set up a clinic.Shanaya  and I were going to be engaged soon. But then suddenly I saw change in Shanaya. She started avoiding me and one day she suddenly disappeared from my life. I was broken I didn’t knew what to do. Her parents had died when she was just 10 and so she used to stay at her uncle’s house. I went there but they refused to tell me where she was. I tried hard to find her but it was of no use.
I was trying to move on in my life but it was just equal to impossible. Without her everything was just empty. Life was lonely.

As usual I was going to my clinic that day when I met Varun he was the mutual friend with whose contact I had met Shanaya.

‘Hey bro, whats up? How’s life? I thought you would go to Darjeeling with Shanaya..’ He said.

‘What!!!! Shanaya is in Darjeeling?’ I said totally shocked.

‘Yes, why you don’t know?’

‘Ok, can you please tell me the place where she is staying?’

‘Ya, sure’

Varun gave me the address of Darjeeling where she was staying. And without even thinking once I went to Darjeeling. I knocked at the address where she was staying. And someone opened the door. Yes, it was her....

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By Nisha Raj

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