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Friday, 17 January 2014

Book Review: The Justified Sin : Some Call it Pleasure, Some Call it Betrayal and Some Call it Sin

On the Cover: What do you call it when three beautiful women come in your life, but you are still single? What if they all, at some point, tried to entice you but you feel like committing suicide because of loneliness? What do you call it when you made no mistake but still, you feel guilty as sin? Jay had a common life until Saloni, Prachi and Vineeta came in his life and changed everything. At times, he avoided the love that knocked at his door and when he actually needed it, the same love kicked him. He betrayed, He got betrayed, He rejected, He got rejected. From being shot in the back by Prachi's father to getting intimate with Vineeta under the influence of alcohol, his life was as spicy as those masala Bollywood movies. He was getting used to his life, until one night, he decides to jump off a building and end everything

Book Review:

Is it possible that two persons have a same writing style? It was a normal book and I was supposed to review it. I started reading and after few pages, I felt like I have a Kind of the same writing style. I try to be simple and more expressive. Evidently, my writing will not ensure you a new word in every line but I hope that it expresses well. 

Coming to the review, the title ‘The Justified Sin’ is not suitable for the story line like this but maybe appropriate, that is why the author used it. Reading the title, I felt as if it is a crime thriller. However, it turns out to be a very sweet and mushy romance fiction. Cover is beautiful, but again it has nothing to do with the storyline. 

Jay, the protagonist has a disbelief in the existence of the word, Love. For him, love is something that can never happen to him. Even if it is happening, his disbelief will take it out of his mind. Like most of the romance fictions, this book also revolves around jay’s different encounters with love.

Story opens up with a person trying to commit suicide. Standing on the top and thinking to measure the distance from top to the floor with the inch tape of his life. Until a girl stops him... (I do not know why girls stop the guys all the time.)

He, postponing the date and time of his future death certificate, decides to narrate his story to her. Girl smells the gossip and listens to him, all ears. 

A rich dad, a caring mother, and a gorgeous girl ordering him all the time, life seems picture perfect for Jay. Horrified of the board results, Saloni, his best friend, wants him to stay with her in those crucial moments. Jay, being a caring guy, does every possible thing to make her smile. Then comes a day when she proposes him and expresses her extreme love towards him. Being a disbeliever, he tries to avoid Love and then things do not work between them and they drift apart. 

Then he meets a new girl Prachi. Again being a NICE GUY, he supports her emotionally. She needs him as a friend and he becomes one. He understands her, umm… more than her own boyfriend does, which was Jay’s best friend, coincidentally. Things maze up. She falls in love with Jay and Jay screws all his relationships. His disbelief on love helps him in deciding what to do.

Then, he falls in love. His life turns good and mess at the same time. Will he believe in love? Will he be ever happy? Karma is a Bitch, it returns and flirts and fucks our life. To know all the answers, you will have to buy the book.

Author of the book has got talent. He just needs to polish it well. Book has few mistakes and few areas need some real editing. Initial scenes where Jay goes on roof to commit suicide, could be written more nicely and the last scene could be written more nicely also. Actually, it is needed to be written again. It ended so quickly that it killed all the emotions. I wanted to feel the last moment but could not, as I reached the last word.

For me, it is 3.25 out of 5. I would love to see his second book with much more imagination, a unique plot, and a little more homework.

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A Review by Team Purple Pen

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