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Just Saying

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Freedom From Being Docile !!! , by Jyoti Jangir

In our society being docile is the only way to survive. You speak or try doing things which are not classified in our so called society you lose all your prejudice and pride. People are actually afraid of this society and samaaj. If this isn't enough they have their own way to react in different ways on the same situation. Why only the girl is blamed after eloping with some guy? Both are equally responsible for their eloping.Both are mature enough to chose the life they want to but still the girl is at major fault according to this Society. People bump on that girl's whole family and doom their life with all time taunting and treating them as they are some criminals who have done a heinous crime and on the contradictory the actual heinous criminals,  the rapers are all free. Hypocrisy is the trend which is growing day by day in every society. Every so called sushil and
sanskari Indian family wants a bahu with high earnings. They all want to dig gold but the condition is she should be docile. Once a girl is married, her whole life changes. Of course they do say we will treat her like our daughter and blah blah but do they really do that?

No doubt she will be appreciated for her good work but only once she tried to do something against their will or not according they want it to be, she will be doomed with that one mistake. even if she tries to forget or rectify her fault, they won't let her do that to. Why only a girl is asked for change? Why only she is expected to fulfill their demands? Why is she bombarded with responsibilities and duties? For twenty years she is the princess of her Dad, companion and friend of her Mom, Brother and Sister, and suddenly she is pushed or rather sent to a totally alien world. Where people might pretend to be humble, caring and loving but who knows they will show their true colors with passing time. Everything changes right from the way you talk,walk,eat,the way you dress and not to forget the sindoor and mangalsutra official trademark of being married.

I'm not against all this,the only thing which bothers me is why only a girl is expected to do all these changes post marriage? What if an official trademark of marriage is invented for boys and men as well? What if a dress code for married men is created? What if even they are asked to leave their house and stay at their bride's house? Well if this comes into existence at least people will get some idea of what all things a women goes through. We are tired of being docile and submissive. Now a days women live for her family and the three "" i.e. Independence, Individuality and Identity. We have an identity now and being docile is not us anymore.

Article by:
Jyoti Jangir  

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