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Just Saying

Monday, 20 January 2014

I MISS MY HOME, by Vinny Muchhal

I miss my home,
the place where all my happiness resides,
I miss my heavenly palace,
where i seldom take heaven rides.

my parents bestow all their blessings,
those are enough for my living,
I keep memories preserved in my heart,
relations for me have become best part.

golden are the times I have spent there,
such feelings rises like heavy shore and are rare,
my mother's pious lap and dad's advice,
those are precious den emeralds and can't be valued in price.

my childhood gradually turned to adulthood,
I keep wondering those and often brood,
I will never put in my way a full-stop,
I will keep moving ahead with no teardrop.
Vinny Muchhal

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