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Just Saying

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I WISH, A Poem by Venu Pandey.

The sun had gone
there is no light
in abeyance, walking alone
i wish in eternity those heart would get bright.!
Loosing fortitude,frenzy
its aching at heart
Breaking Up.. Yes i Can
i said in pain,deep down
i wish we make it again.!
It passes us, intimate..
D blowing wind
it rolled down
d tiny ball
i wish i may not aberrate!
Disconsolate, i am fading down
its so much load
the destiny won
m cold
i wish it wud get better down the road, down the road.!

"ignoring your glance
hiding wet eyes
you questioned the gliterness
i smiled and lied
deep inside a little heart cried
u never understood nor tried"
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