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Just Saying

Saturday, 18 January 2014

One day you'll Regret, A Poem by Lalima Yadav

So helpless , sobbing bitterly ,
Just can't convince my heart , it beats for you still ,
Yea it do ! Such a silly !!
I thought you to be a good guy , but never did I noticed that you love chasing girls , say a whore
Now I realize, it was my fault that I love you truly and so am suffering much and more. !!
How to confirm you that my heart is now satiable from you ,
Don't you trouble me ,Oh ! Please don't do !!

I oozed the passion and delight when I saw you , the first day
But , I can feel the stab of Indifference ,today !!
Oh..yea ! I know , I am sure , it is because am not the type of those shitters ,
You are a crazy chaser & my heart cries as to me it somehow matters !!
Definitely , because you were my choice , I was once elated ,
But , today am ashamed of the same , and  feel pain to admit you as a shit !!
Bout of anger running through my mind , but a ache in heart ,
Let me tell you that one day ll come to you when you'll regret the loss of respect & I think you must !!
As you took my heart & broke it away ,
Ultimately , you have to face this situation & those days will come to you for longer stay !!

- Poem by Lalima Yadav

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