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Just Saying

Thursday, 23 January 2014

One Life Chapter-1 , by Lohita Poosarla

May 5th, 2012
Midnight 1’o clock

Sitting all alone in her room, she is silently crying, all by herself. Everyone, her brother, mother tried to console her and to get out of all this, they thought they have succeeded in cajoling her, what they don’t know is that, she is still moaning all by herself. These thoughts keep haunting her every night, not allowing her to rest in peace.

What wrong has she done?  Believing in her friends and trusting them was her mistake? Believing in a guy whom she thought loved her, but has betrayed her, loving him with all her heart was her mistake??

Don’t know what her mistake was but she needs to come over it. That is what is becoming difficult for her now. Thinking about the past, brooding over there, thinking that there is no future for her, she has fallen asleep.

Next day, like a robot she went on with her daily routine, went for a jog with her father, animatedly talking with her parents over breakfast about her career. But you know mother’s can sense anything, if something went wrong. When she was about to leave to her office , her mother said “He is the past , Look into your future  Aradhya, there is lot more for you to cherish in this world , please come out of this , if you need a change , go to Hyderabad  , change your Job , you may get distracted.” 

“No Maa, I want to be with you and Dad”

People keep on pestering into other’s life. They are more interested to know on what is going on in other’s life rather than theirs. Aradhya was doing her office work , when one of her colleague stopped by  at her desk , and was just chatting this and that with her , then suddenly , out of the blue , her colleague asked “ What’s up ? Is there any improvement in that guy’s behavior” Aradhya felt like kicking her in the face, but controlling back her emotions, she just smiled and said “Don’t ever ask that again”

After office, that day she has gone to beach to relax herself for some time. After watching the waves for sometimes , she felt strange , those waves are examples of one’s life, they fall and they rise… telling us that we need to fall but definitely we should rise again .

As she was, coming out the beach, she felt relaxed and relieved. As she was about to start her Scooty, she saw someone familiar coming towards her. As she saw who it was, all the color drained from her face, hot water drops on her cheeks. And again sending her into the past once again ……

By: Lohita Poosarla <>

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