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Friday, 24 January 2014

One Life Chapter-2 , by Lohita Poosarla

September 27th, 2007

It was like a dream coming true to her, getting admission into one of the prestigious institution, fulfilling her dad’s wish of studying in that institution, and finally her dream college is where she is going to receive her graduate degree.

She was a papa’s princess, hailing from a middle class family, her dad tried to give her whatever she wished for, fulfilling all her dreams, but this dream of getting into this Prestigious Institution was what both dreamt of!  And finally she made it.

“Dad, college begins from tomorrow” said Aradhya, “I’m all geared up and excited”
“Watch your step Anu, This is your first co-education college, so be careful” said her Father.

“Yes Dad, I will” said Aradhya

Aradhya a simple girl, a papa’s princess, youngest and most pampered daughter of the family. With many hopes, dreams her first day at college has begun.

After attending the inaugural ceremony, all the new comers are leaving to their respective classes. As Aradhya was leaving the hall someone pulled her hand, she turned around to see who it was, and was so shocked

“Hey, You??”  It was her Childhood Friend from school Priya

“Yes , What’s up , and in which branch you have joined?”

“Computer Science”

“Hey me too!”

Aradhya was so happy to see her old friend in a jungle of unknown faces.

First day classes were all just introductory type and everything went well.

After the first day of her college as they were waiting for the college bus, a group of seniors’ surrounded these juniors. 

Aradhya was game to such type of things; she was excited about the “ragging” part in the college.

As the seniors were about to indulge in more ragging, then came the lecturers, seeing them, seniors ran away, and the juniors went back to the bus stop. While they were waiting, a guy came up to Aradhya and asked “Are you Aradhya”

“That Senior wearing Yellow T-Shirt is calling you” Pointed towards a guy near the canteen and ran away. She turned her head to see who it was, that guy was looking towards her and signaled her to come. She was not ready for any sort of bad things now , disobeying a seniors command might pull her into more troubles , since there was no way she went to meet him.

She went there and stood before him without asking anything. He asked her “Are u Aradhya Sehgal”

She was dumbstruck, how did he knew her full name 

She muttered “Ye..e..ees Sir”

“Oh , you are the one on “Orkut””


“Yeah, I have seen you on orkut in some community”
“But how you recognized me?”

“I have seen your Display Picture”

“@@#$%^&*” She was flabbergasted 

“And by the way send me a Friend Request on orkut by today evening. See you, your bus has arrived, you may leave now”

“Who the hell is he Priya? What is he thinking about himself? I should find him on orkut and send a friend request?? I don’t even know his name .Get the hell out of him... I will not send a Friend request to him at any cost!!!” 

By: Lohita Poosarla

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