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Saturday, 25 January 2014

One Life Chapter-3 , by Lohita Poosarla

She has become so furious that a random guy like that asking her to send request, and also many questions like how he came to know her? There is something disturbing about this guy, his eyes; there is something in his eyes which is disturbing her a lot. With many thoughts running she drifted into sleep.

Days were passing, and everyone is getting adjusted to the college environment, Aradhya made few friends from her class - Priya, Aradhya, Anaya, Karthik, Ram, Chaitanya, Aditya this was their gang of friends. 

Aradhya haven’t seen that senior again and was happy and didn’t give a second thought about him after that. New life, friends everything was going smooth.

A Week passes by, on one fine day, due to seminar, classes have been cancelled. Aradhya and gang were hanging out in college canteen, Aradhya and Karthik had a bet, in which she lost, so now she need to serve everyone today whatever they wantL. So she left to get their orders, as she was waiting for her order to be served,   someone called her, she turned towards the person... it was none other than , that senior , she was so disturbed him seeing again. He called her and asked “What happened? I didn’t receive any request?” She was staring into his eyes... There is something in that, which is disturbing her a lot.



“How can I send you a request without knowing your name or details?”

“Really?? Or else you thought you can avoid me and escape?”


“Ok... Listen my name is Naveen. I’m from mechanical, now find me on orkut and send a request by tomorrow”

“Yes Sir”
“And one more thing, tomorrow meet me here  ...”

“But, why?”
“No more questions just do what I say. Don’t think you can skip this, if you try so then the consequences will be different” saying this he left the place.

Aradhya was dumbstruck, after giving everyone, what they asked for; she left the place saying that she is feeling sick.

At home, she opened her orkut account and searched for him, she found him and was going through his profile to find any clue as of why he is asking her to do all this... But she couldn’t find any; she placed a friend request and just closed her account.

Next day at college, she bunked a lecture to meet that guy, she seriously needed to find as of why he is asking her to do all this.

She has taken a seat in the open area and was waiting him. Finally he turned up.

“Hey, Hi”
“Thanks for the request”
“Can I know the reason, why did you ask me to do all this?”

“You haven’t recognized me?”
“If I would have known you, I wouldn’t have asked this question”
“I thought at least after seeing my profile you would recognize me”

“But I don’t know YOU!”
“mmm , My bad luck , You used to go to a tuition centre in your 11th right?”
“Yes.. So?”

“Well, I was in the same tuition then for my 12th, I used to follow you every day after tuition for almost an year, I thought you noticed me then... I searched for you on Orkut and found you   but didn’t dare to send you request. After seeing you here again, I was so happy, and asked you to send a request, so that I can gain attention and also you will recognize me..”

“Sorry, I have noticed once or twice but I haven’t seen your face clearly anytime. Anyways we are friends now??”

“Friends?? Aradhya I didn’t do all this to just be a friend to you...”


“I love you Aradhya” She was speechless “I fell in love with you the very first day when I have seen you! I followed you for a year; it was hell for me, when I couldn’t see you for a day! I promised myself that I won’t miss you in my life, that one day after I get settled, I will come to you and tell all this, but now after seeing you again here in this same college, couldn’t take it anymore, that’s the reason I have done all this, Look into my eyes you will know how much I love you”

After listening to all this, a stunned Aradhya left the place without a word. 

By: Lohita Poosarla

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