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Sunday, 26 January 2014

One Life Chapter-4 , by Lohita Poosarla

Aradhya couldn’t take in all that has happened earlier that day; it was like a dream to her. She was not ready for all this stuff in her life. At the same time she cannot reject a guy who is so sincere; she felt his love in his eyes, which was what disturbing her all these days... Today when he asked her to look into his eyes, she couldn’t look into his eyes because of an unknown guilt which is haunting her. None of her friends knew what has happened on that day.

Days are passing; she is avoiding him as much as possible and succeeded in doing that. Meanwhile Naveen is also trying his best to talk with her and to learn why she is doing like this.

In the course of time comes the most awaiting day of any fresh graduate “Fresher’s Day” leaving behind the entire things that happened , Aradhya was also much too excited about the “Fresher’s Day”.

The grand day has arrived! Everyone was dressed up in traditional attire. Karthik picked up Aradhya from her house. On their way to the party, Karthik was just praising continuously, that she was looking beautiful! Upon reaching the college, he dropped her near the venue and left to park his car. 

As Aradhya was waiting for Karthik, there comes Naveen and stood in front of her, upon seeing him , she tried to leave the place , but Naveen pulled her hand and stopped her “ why are you avoiding me?”  She avoided eye contact with him.

“I don’t know anything about you Naveen; I cannot go on accepting a random guy in my life. I have my own ideologies too.”

“What are your ideologies, tell me? I will fulfill all your dreams and never ever will I make you cry. It’s a Promise for a life time” saying that he looked at her, she was looking away in another direction, he observed a tear being trickling down her cheek. “You want to know about me, come I will show you” he pulled her towards the college canteen, Just then Karthik arrived and Naveen upon seeing him left the place.

Karthik came and saw Aradhya’s face and asked “Hey, Gorgeous what happened? Why are you crying?” 

“Nothing, Let’s Leave”

They were walking towards the venue. Naveen was watching it from a distance, the love of his life is leaving with another guy. It was killing him from inside.

The Party has begun and everyone was enjoying the party to the core, with lots of fun and games, except Aradhya... Her mind was somewhere else, in another world. Karthik constantly disturbed her, but she answered in one word.  Everyone left to the dance floor, Karthik was asking Aradhya to dance with him, but she refused to dance. But Karthik was asking persistently to dance, finally outraged by his persistence; she shouted at him “Leave me Karthik” He just left the place without a word.

After that incident, Naveen stopped pestering Aradhya, and was trying to avoid her. Aradhya on the other hand was feeling bad for her behavior towards Karthik, and was trying to please him. Karthik Stopped talking with Aradhya from that day.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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