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Monday, 27 January 2014

One Life Chapter-5 , by Lohita Poosarla

Amidst all these things comes there exams, everyone was busy with preparation, Engineers “mathlab” one night before exam. On the last day of their exam Aradhya and gang planned to treat themselves after exam. Everyone knew that something was wrong between Karthik and Aradhya. But no one knew about Naveen and Aradhya. They had planned this in order to sort things between Karthik and Aradhya, but couldn’t patch them as Karthik was reluctant to talk. Aradhya was totally confused for the strange behavior of Karthik. After the party everyone left, except for Karthik and Aradhya. Karthik didn’t ask Aradhya how she will leave, in normal times; he used to drop her at home, today he just left without asking her.

In the meantime, college cultural fest work has begun. Everyone was busy with the works; many working committees have been formed for various works. Aradhya has been assigned to the sponsors’ committee. On that day there was a meeting with the committee head and members. Meeting has begun and each one was introducing themselves, there comes the meeting head and introduces himself “Myself Naveen, Head of this committee, we need to act promptly because the whole event depends on sponsors’ mainly, we have made few groups, everyone is assigned into one group and every group has an leader, Every leader should report me every day of their work. And guys let us work hard make our event a grand success” there was a loud applause from the group. 

Aradhya has gone to check in which group she has been assigned, to her disgust she has been assigned to the one which Naveen leads. She has checked who the other members are and found out she knew none of them and all of them are guys from Naveen’s section.

She couldn’t face Naveen, his eyes will be asking for an answer which she doesn’t have with her  and also all these days she has been avoiding him, and now she need to work with him. Always the unexpected happens, that is life.

After giving all the instructions to the other groups he has come to his group to discuss on what their group should be doing. Everyone was listening intently at what he is saying; there was no word of opposition to him. His words are that much tantalizing. After giving all the instructions he said “Now let us spilt our group into two members each, I and Aradhya, Suman and Anil, Shashank and Gowtham, these will be our groups, we shall be starting our work from tomorrow. Bye for now guys” and they dispersed.

Aradhya was tongue tied , she need to work with Naveen until this college fest gets over and especially tomorrow , “It’s my birthday tomorrow and this is going to be the worst birthday ever for me” What she doesn’t know is that , Naveen has deliberately done all this , and also this is going to be her BEST birthday ever.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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