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Just Saying

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

One Life Chapter-6 , by Lohita Poosarla

It’s a big day for her but she wasn’t happy because she needs to spend most of the day with the person whom she wanted to avoid.  At 8:30 she met him at college, and their day started , she was thinking whether he knew it was her bday or not . Naveen is being so normal as if nothing has happened between them in the past and is only discussing about the college fest work and she is happy for that.

“We need to meet the World Scape manager today at 9:30 am. These people are really important for us because they are the main sponsors for the event”

“Ok Naveen”

“Well , will you get on my bike or do you have yours?

“I bought my scooty today, I will come on that”
“Ok then do follow me”

Since she doesn’t know the location of the office, she was following him, Suddenly he halted his bike, Aradhya not knowing what happened, stopped her bike beside him, he checked his watch, time was 9 and he took out an envelope from his bike pocket, and told “Happy Birthday Aradhya” she was taken back at this sudden gesture of his, he knew that today was her birthday, she was both happy and sad… 

She slowly opened the envelope to find a cute teddy bear card in it, and a hand written message “Happy Bday to the most Beautiful Girl I’ve ever met” “Thank you” was all she could say

“Ok let’s move Aradhya”

They reached office on time and met the manager, their meeting was a success. As the sponsor agreed to them and was willing to sponsor them, they have come out and were starting to another office, Aradhya noticed that something was stuck to her bike’s seat and moved closer to see what it was , it was a Diary milk chocolate with a note saying “Happy Birthday Princess” she recognized who it was. It was none other than Naveen. She turned to face him, he was smiling broadly at her and wished her again, “happy birthday” then the time was 10 O clock. 

They moved on with their work, it was 11 by the time they have left the sponsor office and then he took out a another gift from his pocket with a note attached “You are more beautiful When you Smile, so keep smiling princess, Happy Birthday” , she opened the gift and found a tiny micro art rice grain on which her name was carved beautifully , she was awestruck at his thoughtfulness and loving notes , she is feeling like she is falling for him.

He told that there are many more offices to visit today and told her that they need to get something for themselves before moving on, he took her to CCD , without asking her what she wanted to have , he ordered everything of his choice , to her surprise he had ordered what she likes he placed the order along with a note saying “You are the best anyone can get , Happy Birthday” The clock struck 12 then. 

They leisurely had their lunch, exploring each other views, he was like an ocean the more she learnt about him, the more she is falling for him,  they were lost deeply , talking with each other that they lost track of time . Naveen checked his watch and it was quarter past one, he took out another gift along with a note attached. She opened the gift and found that it was a laughing Buddha, the note said “He is gonna protect you from all the bad things, Keep Smiling. Happy Birthday”

Next their destination was college, after reaching college, he asked her “can you spend some more time with me” without another thought she said “yes”, and even she felt the same , till now her day was full of surprises from the most unexpected person , she doesn’t want to end it so early. He took out two gifts from his bike pocket and handed them to her , one was keychain with letter ‘A’ and the attached note said “It’s not A for Apple it is , A for Aradhya to me , Happy Birthday Sweet heart”  and the other gift was a watch with a note saying “This will remind you that , someone’s heart is waiting for you, Happy Birthday Dear” . The clock struck three.

After a long silence, finally Naveen told her that he wanted to show her one place if she is willing to come with him, she said “Yes”, he took her to the most fascinating place, she has ever seen. They are on top of the rock from where they can see the sea at a distance and all greenery all around, she was spell bound at the view. “I will be back in a min Aradhya” saying this, he left the place and returned in a minute carrying many packets in his hands. 

Aradhya was spell bound at the scenic view, Naveen was enjoying by seeing Aradhya lost in a trance with nature’s beauty and he was lost in her beauty .

He kept aside all the packets , except for one which he opened , it was a heart shaped cake on which it was neatly inscribed “Happy Bday Anu” he lit a candle asked her to blew it and cut the cake , she has no words how she was feeling coz it was her dad who called her Anu , no one to till date has never called her so except her Dad, and also she made a point that a special someone should always call like that , With mixed emotions she cut the cake , and handed a piece of cake to him .

Naveen was staring at Aradhya and the change in her expressions, he asked her “What happened”, and she said “Nothing” she cut the cake and they had a small party of their own with cool drink and chips. While they were deeply engrossed in their party, Aradhya’s mobile rang, it was her dad he asked where she was and that all of them were waiting for her at home. “Yes Dad, I’m bit struck in the college fest work”, that was the first time she ever lied to her dad, she felt bad for that, but she herself doesn’t know, why she has told like that.

“Ok Naveen, I got to go. Thanks for the wonderful day and wonderful surprises”
“Aradhya wait!! Just gimme 10 min” called out Naveen to Aradhya who was walking towards her bike. She turned back, walked towards him; even her heart wants to stay back with him.

“Thanks Aradhya” he took her hand in his made her sit, he pulled out small paper wrapped cover, and next he took out a big box, he placed both of them in front of her, she took a glance what they were, and alas she was taken aback at what she found, it has “Sindhoor” and Bangles, attached with a note “Will you marry me?” these are the most auspicious things any girl ever receives, in the ceremony called marriage. She couldn’t control her tears anymore; she cannot take in any more.

“May be it’s a big step to give you this, but I wanted you to know how much I want you, I can go any farther to get you” his voice serene and calm, she can see the sincerity in him, there is nothing more than this any girl can get or expect, but she was out of words to tell him anything.

“Aradhya, I have purposefully pulled you into this group, so that u can learn more about me, because that was the reason you avoided me and started dating Karthik. I tried to avoid you but couldn’t Aradhya, all I want is YOU and you’re Love all through my life. I hope I have made you Happy, I have planned to give a gift to you every one hour, I have given you Sindhoor and Bangles to show the purity of my love, there are the rest of the gifts, please do accept them.”

“Naveen, I’m not dating anyone!! Karthik is just a friend” she got angry that he misinterpreted the friendship between her and Karthik , when she was really falling for him , that was when he broke her feelings by asking her about Karthik.
“I have seen you both together many times in college”

“Shut up Naveen; don’t just cook up your own stories”

She was staring angrily at him; with that look of hers he understood that she was true. There was no bound to his happiness that there is no one in between them, as a repulsive action he pulled her close and hugged her so tightly that she went out of breath. She pushed him away, and shouted “Are you mad?”

“I love you soooooo much Aradhya, you never know how much I felt bad when I saw you and Karthik like that. I don’t know why, I couldn’t leave you , that were the reason I had done all this to show my love towards you”

“Oh my goodness, Naveen, don’t you ever think of anything other than that”
“I do, but my first priority is YOU”

“Take care of yourself, I got to go”
Naveen forcefully gave all the gifts to her and asked her to check out all the gifts at her leisure

She reached home and the whole evening swept by with guests and friends at home, she was waiting eagerly for the party to get over, so that she can check out the rest of the gifts. Finally the party gets over, and she leisurely jumps on bed to explore all the gifts. She opened all the gifts, they contained teddy bear with a note saying “A cute teddy bear to hug while you sleep”, finger ring with a note attached “For our Engagement” , and the list goes on with every gift a note attached to it saying something which made her fall in love with Naveen , the most in expensive gift he gave her was a letter which read

“Dear Aradhya,
Happy birthday once again, by the time you read this letter , you might have read my notes attached to the gifts , Aradhya I really meant each and every word I told or I have written , you don’t know how much I love you , it’s not lust its true form of pure love. Every time I look at you, you take my breath away. You are the love of my life!

I don’t know when it has begun; I don’t even know the reason why? But it has never happened with anyone, except YOU. My love for you is unconditional and eternal.
You are: the light of my life, a dream come true, all I want, the apple of my eye, the best thing that ever happened to me, my perfect match, the one I’ve always wished for, and the one for me. You: complete me, mean the world to me, cast a spell on me, light up my life, stole my heart, hold the key to my heart, lift me up, rock my world, and make my heart skip a beat.

Finally one thing, Life is incomplete without you.

Waiting for you

Always yours Vinnu (Naveen) ♥♥♥

By: Lohita Poosarla

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