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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

One Life Chapter-7 , by Lohita Poosarla

There are no bounds for Aradhya’s Happiness, she has found the love of her life, she is going to express it today to him : - ). She has changed many dresses to find the perfect one to look her best, finally she settled with a pink color suit. She had done a light make up and left her hair loose. One look at the mirror, and she thought “Perfect”.

She reached college a bit late due to her extra care on her appearance :-P . All the color drained from her face, because she learnt that, today the whole group will be going to meet the main sponsor and there will be no divisions in the group like yesterday. Aradhya felt so bad, she cannot spend time with Naveen like they did yesterday, and she cannot express her feelings but somehow she felt an urge to express her feelings today.

She reached the group members and found that Naveen was busy with another group. She was waiting impatiently for him, the more she waited, the more she wanted him. She was watching constantly towards Naveen to gain his attention. But he was deeply involved in the meeting, finally after he is done with the meeting with that group, he called his group members, “It’s getting late guys, let’s get started , Everyone is here right ?” he looked through the group and his eyes fell on Aradhya , he gave an adoring look towards her , and she started blushing . Someone from the group asked how will Aradhya come, he replied that she has her Scooty, and she is going to follow them on her bike. Aradhya gave him a knowing glance and he replied to her glance with a smile :- ). She has never noticed how cute he looks with those dimples showing their prominence while he smiles. How adorable he is. <3

Upon reaching the office, everyone was deeply engrossed in their assignments, and there was no time for Aradhya to talk to Naveen and also that was the not the right thing to do now. So Aradhya stayed quiet for the rest of the day.

Aradhya was waiting outside the office for other members to complete their work and return. While she was waiting for them, don’t know how and from where Karthik has come, he came and stood in front her with a sarcastic smile and asked her, “So Enjoying with your Boyfriend?”

“Karthik!!! What are you talking?”

“No need to cover up. Everyone knows what’s happening between you and that senior”
“Mind your words Karthik!!! Don’t you dare speak another word?”

“No one is ready to hear your cock n bull stories here”

“Go get a life Karthik!! And no one is even ready to give any explanations to you!!”
“You need to give an explanation to me Aradhya” he pulled her hand tightly bringing her towards him.

“Leave me Karthik” he was about to tell her something more, but he caught sight of Naveen coming towards them, so he left the place in a hurry.

Naveen came to Aradhya and asked, “What happened”


“Why is that guy here?”

“I don’t know Naveen”

“If you don’t know then why is he holding your hand?”

“Naveen!! What are you guys thinking about me?” with that she stormed away from there and started her bike and went away.

Naveen cursed himself for asking her such question, “why was I so out of mind”. He immediately started following her.

She was driving but her mind was on what has happened few min back, “why are these guys ruling my life. So sick of them” tears are trickling down her cheeks, because she couldn’t take in Naveen’s behavior, her vision became blur and she couldn’t see where she was driving, her bike skidded and she lost control over her bike, and everything went blank at once and her bike collided with the divider and the collision threw her on to the road, hitting her head to a boulder. Aradhya was lying unconsciously on the road. Naveen who was following her, saw her bike hitting the divider, and came hurriedly to the place where she was lying unconsciously. He hurriedly called 108 and came to Aradhya

His heart was moaning badly at the sight of Aradhya, she was bleeding badly, she has been very badly hurt, he went near her, lifted her on to his lap, tapping her gently on the cheeks “Aradhya are you ok?? Wake up!!! Wake up!! Open your eyes” 

“Aradhya don’t leave me, wake up” he was shaking her vigorously, she has slightly opened her eyes, she moaned “Its paining Naveen” and closed her eyes. She wanted to open her eyes and see him for the last time and tell him that she loves him, because if it was her last breath atleast he should know that she has feelings for him. But she was unable to open her eyes, with and all the energy she has , opened her eyes and caught hold of his hand , looking into his eyes , all she could whisper was “Vin…n…u ….” and she couldn’t complete her sentence , Naveen completely broke down “Aradhyaaa .. aaaaa” 

By: Lohita Poosarla

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