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Thursday, 30 January 2014

One Life Chapter-8 , by Lohita Poosarla

The last word she heard was Naveen calling her name somewhere in the far distant land after that everything went blank.

Naveen took her to hospital; he was silently praying to god that nothing should happen to her. He was aimlessly walking outside ICU; he has done all the formalities, called up her parents and informed them.

While words can never fully express how much someone means to us, but a bitter fact that they are on death bed will definitely make us realize the importance of them. Naveen to till date expected her to be his future, now his future is on death bed. It’s like she was a fragment of imagination and he was grasping onto her memories tightly, but the memories all seem like dreams. Everything was flashing before his eyes. He peeped through the window of ICU, she was there on that bed fighting for life, he couldn’t see her like that, and he couldn’t take in anymore, he burst out loudly.

The doctor treating Aradhya has come out; Naveen hurriedly ran after him and asked “How is she doctor?” 

“Her situation is very critical; we need to keep her in observation for 48 hours” he continued “there is a major blood loss, we need blood”

“Ok doctor, will arrange that immediately” and the doctor left, as Naveen was calling some of his friends to come to the hospital, someone tapped him from back, it was Aradhya’s Father.

“Are you Naveen?” 
“Yes Uncle”

“Where is Aradhya?”

“Uncle she’s in ICU” he pointed towards the ICU room, “just now the doctor left”
“How is she” asked her dad in tears after seeing his daughter in ICU battling with life, he never thought he would see her in this situation , never , she was always apple of his eye , he want this to be a dream , only yesterday she was with full life and energy celebrating her birthday and today she is here.

“Uncle she is going to be fine, don’t cry” Naveen was trying to console him.
“Ok son, what did the doctor say?”

“They need to keep her in observation for 48 hrs and there is heavy blood loss uncle, you can meet him in his cabin”
“mmm ok”

Both of them were lost in their own weird thoughts, revolving around her …Sometimes there are no words to communicate the deep feelings of the heart. The feeling that we are going to lose a person affirms the value of the person.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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