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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Being a Women, An Article by Lohita Poosarla

Being a Women

It takes a lot of courage in being a Woman.

In this modern day, women have come out of their locked doors and are achieving a lot, It takes lot of patience in handling all the roles. Being women we do it successfully even in a circumstances where we are facing many problems in day to day life, we’ve been facing many assaults, whether in a bus, auto, taxi, or in the working place from our fellow employees.

Isn’t it right? 

Being a girl we are asked to be careful, but not punishing the people who are committing the crime
 Yes Definitely!! In this male dominated society, we know about the torments every woman undergo, we are afraid to go alone in a bus, auto or taxi. Why???

India,  a land where a woman is worshiped as Goddess and a land with immense culture and traditions, where women are given due respect in the society, but what has happened to a country with such cultures and tradition???  Why women are being treated in such shabby way!!!

I being a girl am really afraid to have a baby girl in this male chauvinist society.
It was Nirbaya Yesterday, Anuhya Esther Today, Why?  And even targeting foreigners, who visit India on a trip.

Is being a girl wrong? Regardless of age, there is no security for women; it was a 5 years girl being molested yesterday and 53 years women today, where is all this leading to?

Delhi, being the nation’s capital is having least security for women, there have been incidents being reported from Delhi.  There are incidents in which foreign women travelers were sexually assaulted. Where is our country leading to?  I have recently seen in another Country’s Government website, that foreign women travelling to India should be careful!

In such a scenario, parents are being afraid to send a girl to other place be it for working or job. At every step, Life for Indian women is being Hell, Am I Right?

We all know what Gandiji told, but in today’s scenario walking  alone in broad day light has also become a difficult task for women nowadays.

Many cases remain buried and many stories remain unspeakable, of girls who get raped and hassled by their own family members. The voice of their screaming eyes is rarely heard by anyone, and even if they come forward, they are forced to not demand a proper assurance because the unlawful is from her family
When will we get a change we need???

There are women who are in elite positions, but still, there is a lot to amend in this society!!

Right from illiterates in villages to literates in cities, are behaving in one and the same way. I remembered studying about kangaroo courts in my social studies and really not aware that kangaroo courts still exist in India and a 20 year girl was brutally harassed by the village head’s decision

Wat say ??

Lohita Poosarla

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