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Just Saying

Friday, 7 February 2014

Decoding me, by Aarpan Sahu

In the silver a guy did I see,
In the void of his eyes, an amazing glee.
The grounds of which I sincerely pretend to know,
But tell you what, it was certainly only to show.

I slimmed my lens to get his insight,
All I saw was everything ever more bright.
The dazzling illumination was all in between,
I gasped! nothing worth inside was seen.

Then, I harvested fats in my restless eyes,
His whole face resembled as that of my’s.
I ran my poor focus through the direction of east,
The way which the secret guy prodded me to feet.

There I discovered a dusty diary with a lace,
The pages of which decrypted his mysterious face.

Aarpan Sahu

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