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Monday, 3 February 2014

One Life Chapter-12 , by Lohita Poosarla

With the help of Karthik and her mother she somehow settled in the back seat of Karthik’s car with her legs spread out. Karthik was frowning at her. She asked him “what?”

“Nothing, You are spoiling my car” he replied still frowning


She looked at him and he was laughing at her expression. “I will kill you Karthik”

He gave her a you-can’t-do-look and has gotten into the driving seat. Aradhya after many months was seeing the outer world, it’s like she has been locked in her house for eternity, she was enjoying herself through the ride watching everything like a small kid, and Karthik was peeping through the rearview mirror and was smiling at her expressions.

“It looks like you are enjoying yourself. Are you not afraid of exam?” asked Karthik
“Hmm... It’s been so long, I have come out, feeling refreshed with the change” she continued “I have passed in the toughest exam between life and death set by God, why to worry about this?” she winked at him and he smiled 

They have reached college and Priya was waiting for them at the building entrance, they helped Aradhya to the hall, after settling her, they have left to their respective classes. Even though she was with them her eyes were searching for one person. Not that she is still thinking of him, but she wants to find the reasons as to what happened to him and his mysterious behavior. But her efforts were futile, she couldn’t find him anywhere.
It has become a daily routine for Karthik to pick her up and drop back at her home,  On the last day of examinations , while he was dropping her back to home , Aradhya has become serious suddenly ,

“What happened madam?” asked Karthik

“Nothing Karthik”

“Hey come on yar , tell what made you so serious all of a sudden?”

“hmm even though it was tough to come out like this , it was fun all these days, meeting you people , coming to college and writing exams. Today will be the last of it until I can walk on my legs”

“ohhh…. For that... I thought you didn’t write the exam well, you might flunk the exam which is what is making you sad” he made a poker face at her 

“Get lost Karthik” she was in no mood for fun now.

“Ok ok cool baby” “Karthik was scratching his chin, as if he was in deep thinking
Suddenly he shouted “Hey Idea!”


“During weekends we all, I mean all are friends will come to your house and take you out.”

“That’s a good idea. But will dad accept?”

“It’s my responsibility; I will ask uncle, you don’t worry, fine?

“Hhmm yeah...”

She was happy with his idea; at least she can come out once a week with her friends and spend some quality time with them.

By: Lohita Poosarla

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