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Just Saying

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

One Life Chapter-13 , by Lohita Poosarla

As time passed by everything was getting better, Life was becoming smooth and cool. She is now using crutches and managing things on her own; her friends are dropping by at her home every now and then, taking her out on small trips. Karthik has become a dear friend to her now, helping her a lot in college stuff as well as at home. 

It was a weekend, and all her friends dropped by at her home, and they were having some super excited time, when all the girls were talking something girly stuff, Chaitanya was also listening to them with utmost interest, they told him it was a girly talk, even then he insisted on listening to them, Priya and Ananya literally dragged him out of the room, he was so heavy for them to drag, so they both took his legs and dragged him out , closed the door on his face.

Aradhya couldn’t control her laughter; she was bursting with laughter, her stomach hurt her and her eyes became red carrying tears with them.

“Oh my God!  That was hilarious Priya” she told in between her laughter

“That was the only thing we can do to pull him out” replied Priya, who was still panting after dragging him out.

“Have some water” she told them.

Priya bought a bottle and sat beside Aradhya and asked her “So what’s running between you and Karthik”

“Me and Karthik? You must be crazy Priya, nothing is happening between us”

“Really? Should I Believe you?

“You have to, because there is nothing else to think of. Karthik is a good friend and he helped me a lot in the times I needed help”

“But he loves you dear”

“You must be crazy Priya, both of us don’t have any such feeling, we are good friends”

“No Aradhya, he loves you, anyone can understand that, the way he is taking care of you and everything he is doing to you right now.”

“Now Priya stop your nonsense, and don’t let that out in front of Karthik, Karthik is just a friend, a very good friend, he is nothing much more than that!”

“But... Aradhya  ...” Aradhya cut her off in the mid way

“Priya, there is something I need to tell you” she started narrating the whole story what has happened between her and Naveen, and the reason behind her accident she showed her all the gifts which Naveen has given and all the notes written by him , Priya was surprised at all these things.

“Priya, No one can replace the feeling, he created in my heart. I want to know the reason why he hasn’t turned up after the accident, maybe time can heal the pain for what he has done, but I’m not ready for any relationship now and more over Karthik doesn’t have any feelings of that sort towards me and neither do I, so please don’t create any mishap”

That night on bed, she hugged the teddy bear which Naveen has given her and silently talking with him “Naveen, why? What happened? Please Naveen atleast give me the answers I needed, I want to see you once...”

By: Lohita Poosarla


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