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Saturday, 8 February 2014

One Life Chapter-17 , by Lohita Poosarla

I know that Aradhya has also fallen in love with me, her last word before she closed her eyes was my name, I felt the love in it and I was waiting for her to open her eyes to hear those three precious words from the love of my life, and the next minute I will take her hand into mine and will never leave her, Never!

I reached the doctor’s room, and was waiting for him to call, I was lost in my own thoughts, and then Priya came there and started fighting with me, that Aradhya loves Karthik and everyone from their group knows that, I said “Ok it’s not the time to turn up such things, Aradhya will answer all questions once she opens her eyes please stop making a mess here now” and the doctor called me in , so I left. But I know from the core of my heart, that Aradhya is in love with me but not Karthik and I thought definitely she will answer this question once she opens her eyes.

“Doctor, is my blood group matching?”

“Yes” he paused for a second gave a sympathized look at me and continued “We need to further check whether your blood is suitable or not.”

“But why? It’s matching right?”

“Yes, we found out there are chances of you having cancer says our lab technician”

I have no words of what he said, why me? I don’t even have any bad habits.

“But doctor, he might be wrong? I don’t even have any bad habits”

“Yes, but sometimes it might be in your genes; there are few types of diseases, which can come in hereditary like Blood pressure, Sugar, and even sometimes cancer”

“Doctor, don’t I have any chances?” it has taken all his courage to ask that.

“It might be in the starting stage, your reports are yet to come and we will confirm it after seeing the reports.

“Ok doctor”

“Meet me in the evening”

I have come out of his cabin, and was trying to gulp in all that the doctor told, I wanted to shout out, I wanted to cry, but there are no tears left now to cry.

I directly went to Aradhya , there is no one for me to share my happiness or my sorrows , It was only her , she was my everything , I sat beside her and cried and cried till there are no more tears left .

“Aradhya, why is everything happening to us, first it was your accident and then now it’s me. you know what Aradhya my mom has suffered from cancer , she fought with it , she fought with cancer for me , I was a kid then studying in my lower grades , I don’t know why she has been hospitalized , why she is not coming home  when all my friends mother ‘s are helping them in everything , but later I came to know the reason , I used to cry for my mom’s love every day , I missed her , later my dad married another women , but she couldn’t replace my mom , they both bore a son and they completely left me. I’m just an outsider in that house, I don’t even know the name of love until I saw you Aradhya, when everything is turning out to be good, why is it happening now? I want to live Aradhya ,I want to be with you , I don’t want to die” I was sobbing , but she couldn’t hear any of my words or can understand any of my pain , she is there lying on the bed without any motion , only sign that she is listening to me was her heart beating .

By: Lohita Poosarla

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