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Monday, 10 February 2014

One Life Chapter-19 , by Lohita Poosarla

Present Day When Aradhya met Naveen May 6th 2012

“I fought for you, and came back for you Anu” after telling her what has happened all this while , he finally turned towards her , she was silently sobbing for the pain he has under gone.

“Naveen you could have told me when we met in college on that day” she asked him in between her sobs

He wiped her tears and told her, “I don’t want to hurt you Anu that’s why I left from college immediately on that day, even though my heart was yearning for you, wanting you badly to share my pain”

She caught hold of his hand and gently caressing his hand “I’m sorry Naveen, I was not there when you need me the most, I’m Sorry” and she continued “you don’t want to hurt me but everything has turned out against me after that Naveen”

Aradhya telling her part of story to Naveen as well as us

After Naveen has left me, I was totally shattered and broken; no words could explain the pain I went through, but there is nothing I can do, On one hand, my heart was telling me that he didn’t cheat you but my mind was telling that he left you, It has taken many days for me to come out of that trauma, in simple words I was not out of that I faked it for others. I tried to move on; yes I succeeded in faking that I moved on for others.

Life became normal for me in the eyes of others, but it became more of a burden to me, I’m somehow managing it and moving on.

Then one day , before our final year exams , this Karthik has come and proposed me, I shouted at him,

“Are you gone nuts Karthik?”

“You knew about me and Naveen, right?”

“Yes, but he is your past, I want to be your future”

“There is no future for me, No one can replace the damage done to my heart, and no one else can take place of Naveen, he might hurt me, even then, I cannot replace him”

“Aradhya, don’t be crazy gal, he left you when you needed him the most” he continued 
“and do you want to rotten yourself for him” he said sarcastically

“Karthik!! Its none of your business, mind your words!”

“Why don’t you understand me Aradhya?”

“It is you who have to understand me Karthik! I’m not ready for all this stuff as of now! I’m hurt and seriously need some time for myself Karthik.”

“Ok I will wait for you” with that he left the place.

“Karthik you are just wasting your time” she shouted back to him, but that fell on deaf ears.

I was not in a position to accept anyone , I don’t know , I was trying to come out of this trauma and now this Karthik has started this , I just avoided him in the last days of my college , because after that I can completely avoid him and he will definitely forget me.

But fate has something else in store for me, after completing my graduation, I was out college and left to Hyderabad for the most needed peace of mind and loneliness in the name of Job search, I have a taken a single room and was staying there all by myself and started my job search, I was not happy nor sad, but life is just going on.

I started my job trials and made a few friends , one day I was just relaxing in my room , then I heard someone knock my door , ‘no one knows me here , who has come?’ I opened the door to my utmost shock it was my dad, he was there standing in front of me with a broad smile on his face, at an instant a wide grin spread over my face and tears started trickling down my cheeks, I was sooo happy to see my dad after 1 month, he hugged me so tight that, I can feel how much he missed me in this one month, even he started crying, but that was out of happiness, A happiness which has no bounds!!

A Gloomy Aradhya has turned out to be an hyper excited gal on seeing my dad , we both were cooking food for ourselves , I was chopping vegetables and dad was cooking my favorite dish , yummy , he always does things that I love ! Blessed to have him!

“Anu , please come back , there is no need for you to do job and also to stay all alone in an unknown place , please dear , I cannot leave you , come back , and search for a job there itself if you want to do” and he continued calmly “anyways you will leave the house completely in a few years , so come back , stay with us now”

I kissed him on the cheek and told yes dad, “I will come back” to be frank even I missed my home a lot.

I shifted back to my place and found a job for myself; everything was getting back to normal for me, except for the scar made by Naveen , May be everything gets back to normal , but deep down those scars will never be erased.

Then one fine day , dad said that he found a suitable match for me  , told all the details about the guy , I pretended I was listening , but I was least bothered about that and told to my Dad it’s his wish. I’m just getting ready for marriage for him that’s it , No one can replace Naveen in my heart , may be the time spent was less but the impression he made on my heart will last a life time.

I didn’t even see the guy’s photo, I just left everything to my dad, and he is the one who does all the right things to me. I believe him.

With all the hustle and bustle arrived my engagement day, I was not even taking care of my attire, everything was being done by my Mom and Aunt’s together with their decisions.

I was there sitting in my room , waiting to be called out , My  aunt;s came and took me outside , I didn’t even make an effort to see who the guy was , then one of my cousin nudged me from beside and told me that , “the guy is looking at you di , see see”

“Stop it Manu” I scolded her and have taken my place  between my parents , I didn’t raise my head , I sat there with my held hung low. Then the priest asked me to put finger ring into his finger , that guy gave his hand  , I raised my head to put the finger onto his hand , and to my surprise it was HIM ! KARTHIK!!

By: Lohita Poosarla

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