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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

One Life Chapter-20 , by Lohita Poosarla

I was shocked to find Karthik seated in the groom’s position, Dad has chosen him for me? How? I looked at my dad , who was all happy and smiling ,he sensed that I’m shocked and he dad whispered into my ear “I know about my darling , whom she loves” I was taken aback at his words , Dad was thinking that I love Karthik? Why did dad take such a decision, I couldn’t concentrate on the event anymore, my body was present there but not my mind, it was roaming in other world. Karthik knew everything and how did he accept to marry me? I told him no one can replace Naveen, but why is he willing to marry me? How can I act normal in front of him, who knows everything about me?

“Aradhya…” Karthik called me, bringing me back into this world ,I didn’t respond , I was staring at him , there is nothing I could tell him. He caught hold of me and shoved me vigorously. I observed my surroundings, everyone left, except for our both families.

“Hey madam, where are you?”


“Aradhya…” this time shoving me more vigorously

“Ye..s.. Karthik”

“Are you not out of him, still?”

“I have told you long back, no one could replace him Karthik”

“It’s been a long time since he left you, why are you still hanging on to him Aradhya, I don’t understand?”

“That is the impact he created on me Karthik” I told him very arrogantly,

“Ok fine, it’s been many years he left you, he hasn’t turned up still, and we don’t even know whether he will come back or not? we don’t even know what has happened to him, there is no more Naveen in your life Aradhya, try to understand that, and even I don’t want to leave you, will never leave you, Now it’s my time, I cannot lose you, I want you Aradhya, take your own time, I will try my level best to replace Naveen in your Life”

I don’t have any words to argue with him nor is there any way I could break this engagement now , I will be sole responsible if anything happened now , especially dad will get hurt , I cannot do anything that will hurt him. I just kept quiet.

Days are passing by ,and my wedding day is coming , I was just expressionless , there is nothing I could do , I lost my life to fate which has been pre-written by God.

Karthik was trying to get closer to me, he has taken me on many dates, trying to bring me out of Naveen’s world, even I tried to come out of him and get closer to Karthik, I was trying very hard but the more I tried, the more I was unable to come out because every bit of memory I had with Karthik bought back the memories I had with Naveen.
Our wedding day has come so near, we are distributing cards, Karthik and me are distributing our wedding cards to all our friends, he has come to my office and we distributed our wedding cards to my colleagues, everyone was envying me looking at Karthik, I can find it in their eyes, I smiled to myself, ‘Karthik can marry any one of them right? They are trying to gain his attention, and me, who is least interested in him, have to marry him, God this is FATE!”

Two weeks before our wedding , Karthik has taken me on a date , to my surprise it was the same place which Naveen has taken me on my Birthday long back , it has brought back all the memories I had with Naveen , because this was the place where we had our best times.

I was in my own dream land , when Karthik called me and  told “I know you would like this place Aradhya , this is the best place to spend time with loved ones , this place is lucky one for all the  couples” I turned towards him and asked “What?”

“Yes who all visit here, will definitely be united in Love forever!”

“Really?” I asked him because, Naveen proposed me here, but our love was a big failure.

He thought he has gained my attention, He took out a rose and proposed me again, I just took the rose; I cannot tell I too love him, because that would be the biggest lie if I tell him that.

“So Can I take your silence as acceptance” I didn’t tell him anything, was just looking at him with a fake smile. He was so happy that I finally accepted him, he pulled me towards him and hugged me so tightly and whispered into my ears “I love you Aradhya” I closed my eyes water trickling from them, and I told “I love you NAVEEN” before I could realize what I said, Karthik pushed me back and left the place without a word.

I was in a trance that Naveen was holding me in his hands and was whispering those words into my ears, before I could realize what has happened, the damage has been done.

To Be Continued...

By: Lohita Poosarla

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